A metal press brake is a machine used to bend and form metal into various shapes. It consists of two parts: the press and the brake. The press applies downward force to the metal, while [More]
[gpt_qa_shortcodes title=”Q&A Widget”] This restoration is on a 1920s Model B12 “Safety Saw” pneumatic circular saw made by the Ingersoll-Rand Co.. The “Safety Saw” name was in reference to the patented design of the retractable [More]
$2000 Chinese Laser Cutter Engraver Co2 60 watt 60w was it worth it? This is the first in a series that I am putting together all about my Co2 Laser Engraver Cutter I purchased on [More]
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Basic shearing on the foot-operated shear…
Empire proudly distributes quality Canadian, U.S. and European sheet metal and metal fabricating equipment across North America. Empire is the exclusive distributor for several lines of equipment, offering our customers very competitive prices. Empire offers [More]
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The owner of a Southern California HVAC company is going the extra mile to help an innocent family whose work truck was stolen during a wild and dangerous chase on Wednesday. READ MORE: https://abc7.la/3fT7Lc9
This was a call for a multiplex system that controls their bar reach ins and their waitress reach in that was completely down. HVACR VIDEOS NEW MERCH WEBSITE – https://www.hvacrvideos.com Please consider supporting my channel [More]
In this video I visit a couple who had no air conditioning at all. #acrepair #hvac #hvacguy #hvaclife #hvactechnician #hvacinstall #hvactech #airconditioner #acrepair #straightcool @Klein Tools @Veto ProPac @Fieldpiece Products @Milwaukee Tool Merch Store : [More]
With so many types of test equipment available for the electrician, its hard to keep track of what is out there. In this episode of Electrician U, Dustin talks about some of the testing devices [More]
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My previous DIY Lawnmower: https://youtu.be/3iPVCrq2_Ss Check out the Ecoflow Delta Max here: https://us.ecoflow.com/products/delta-max-portable-power-station?aff=32 StratusLEDs 120W LED Module: https://www.stratusleds.com/module Creality S1 Plus 3D Printer: Use code RCTF3S1P for 15% off. https://www.creality3dofficial.com/products/ender-3s1-plus-3d-printer-us-direct Anycubic Photon M3 Plus used [More]
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Whoever said that “it’s not easy being green”, must have known what he or she was talking about. Of course, science has made some remarkable progress over the last decade when it comes to clean [More]
Ask This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey walks host Kevin O’Connor through the choices In air conditioners SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: http://bit.ly/SubscribeThisOldHouse Cost: $100 and Up Steps: 1. Window air conditioners [More]
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Join me as I share with you whats in my tool box and what 12 plumbing tools I can’t be without!
Amazing plumbing tools are some must-have essentials to go flawless during professional and DIY projects! They help you to maintain work efficiency and effectiveness. So here is a list of some amazing plumbing tools that [More]
In this video I compare my original no name Ebay 60w Co2 Laser to this 90w Co2 Laser Made by http://rmlaser.com/ If interested in purchasing or pricing inquires email the owner at Ray@rmlaser.com tell him [More]
Satisfying’s Creative Items DIY #Shorts #Welding_Creative 🙏Thank you so much Supporting me💕 Note: This is just the optional if You don’t want just ignore it. Hi, my name is Sovida, I enjoy making stuff, I [More]
The laser technology is more and more mature, more and more factories replaced tradional welding machines with laser welding machines. Handheld laser welding machine has many advantages over tradional arc welding machine. 1. The speed [More]
For more information about welding machines and peripherals, contact the manufacturer to get more accurate answers. NSWEL’s email ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ korea@nswel.com Hello everyone. There are many different types of welding. TIG welding, MIG welding, electric welding, [More]
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Do Y’all Want to know some Cool Plumbing Tips and Tricks that Will Save YOU Money?! Today We are talking about the Kinetic Water Ram By General Pipe Cleaners and The RIGID RP-350 Pro Press! [More]
Having the right tools in the box allows you to perform more seamlessly in the plumbing field and makes you a pro! So buckle up, as we are going to show you some amazing plumbing [More]
Produced by Fred Bretzke with CyberLink PowerDirector….with help from Sketchup….and various special thanks to those who created the fixtures and fittings. Check it out…and learn the CODE!
Milwaukee always strives to bring the best possible solution for every pro of different sectors, even for plumbers. So in today’s video, we’ve listed the 10 coolest Milwaukee tools for plumbers! Today’s Video Sponsor- 10 [More]
10 BEST PLUMBING TOOLS EVERY PLUMBER NEEDS IN THEIR TOOLSBOX.. —————————————————————————————- Subscribe To The Channel: https://tinyurl.com/y5ct5o49 ———————————————————————————– 1. IWISS ® Rachet PEX Pipe Cinch Tools for Stainless Steel Clamps meet ASTM 2098 clamping 3/8, 1/2, [More]
This is a review of the Makera Carvera desktop cnc mill. It features a unique tool changer, wireless probe, anchor based tool holding system, laser and built in dust extraction. It is absolutely packed with [More]
The World’s Largest Bevel Gear CNC Machine- Modern Gear Production Line. Steel Wheel Manufacturing 0:07. The seamless rolled ring forging process 3:06. Gear Machining and measurement 4:50.Gear Manufacturing Line 7:00. The bevel gear manufacturing 9:29. [More]
Please SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/3e8Hz7t —————————————————— The world’s largest gear manufacturing process In this video: FLSmidth Maag Gear: https://www.flsmidth.com/ Gleason Corporation: https://www.gleason.com/ SMS group GmbH: https://www.sms-group.com/ Biemme Ingranaggi: https://www.biemmeingranaggi.it/ http://www.biemmegears.com/ Music: Funny Adventures by WinnieTheMoog Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/6048-funny-adventures [More]
Home shop machinists often run into the problem of trying to move heavy equipment around in their garage. Professionals do this with forklifts and machinery skates. In this video, I demonstrate some shop-made machine skates [More]
Top 10 Most Satisfying CNC Machine In Working. Heavy Duty Vertical Lathe & Mill Turn Center X-Machines Channel Website: https://www.xmachines-co.com/ Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/X-Machines-109490185023529 SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/3e8Hz7t We would like to support all companies or people to promote [More]
In this HVACR Training Video, I Discuss the Components, Superheat, Subcooling, and Saturation in this Walk In Cooler Refrigeration Unit. I Go Over the Refrigeration Cycle with all 28 Steps! Supervision is needed by a [More]
In this video we will be learning the basic types of refrigerants, their history and future as well what impact they’ve had on our environment. Covering CFC, HCFC, HFC, HFO, Carbon dioxide, ammonia, CH, ozone [More]
Hundreds of calls and complaints have been made to the Ontario government against one HVAC company, but customers say Ontario Green Savings continues to trap consumers into misleading contracts. Is the country’s largest province failing [More]
In this HVAC Training Video, I show How to Quickly Find Low Voltage Shorts with a Multimeter! Once you know where to look and how to divide the wiring, troubleshooting the problem can be done [More]
In this video I was asked to do a preventive maintenance. I found multiple problems that I was allowed to correct. #acrepair #hvacguy #hvac #hvaclife #hvactechnician #hvacinstall #hvactech #airconditioner #trane #goodman #preventivemaintenance @Veto ProPac @Klein [More]
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