🎧 Air Conditioner sound on black screen dark screen high quality white noise ASMR

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10 hours of Air Conditioner sound on black screen in high quality white noise HQ ASMR for sleeping relax meditate and study – Air Conditioner sound on black screen dark screen perfect for phones, TVs and Android box


Michael Mettie says:

When I was growing up we were so poor we couldn’t afford air conditioning. All we had was video recordings of air conditioning.

Dirk Wyse says:

The best part is at 5:18:30

GerberBaby says:

I like it, second night here now.

Naughtius Maximus says:

Music to a HVAC techs ears…

Honter Minjares says:

Had to see if it was true.
X'D Why do I feel like I'm in a hotel?
The power of the mind. I even feel fresher.

TheRealTgolden says:


yingany says:

I’m in the UK after years living n the states. Homes don’t have ac here and boy do I miss it and most definitely the calming sound. The minute you hear it, it’s like meditation, it just stills the busy brain. Unrivalled to sleep to. Sad day when you grow up and it kicks on and you think about bills though. Enjoy without any of that guilt.

Richard Brown says:

Helps me get some much needed sleep

tipying mistakes says:

It’s the middle of the night

My fan is practically broken at this point, and only just barely runs if you plug it in just the right way

I’m not going to bother to get another fan right this moment

This is what I’ve resorted to

Anita Harris says:

This was very helpful, thank you 😊

Matt says:

Put this on an trust me it will feel like your in a hotel

Jeremy I says:

WTF.. really!? 😄

Polnareff says:

I’m coming back to say this: does anyone else hear the faint sounds of like.. chains? like every so often it’s as if one of those chain dog leashes will move and I thought it was coming from inside my house but I double checked and it wasn’t. I rly wish I knew what those sounds were

Bill Johnroe says:

If you can do 130 BPM kick drum

Nikoloz Gilles says:

"We're all just air conditioners, walking around this planet, screwing each others brains out!" – Danny Devito

Religion Fueled War Machine says:

I'm waiting for one of these videos to just have instant loud screams like 4 hours in to scare the shit out of people lol

mady mcelwee says:

i had slept with this for 6 hours then woke back up and fell back to sleep without this im definetley using this every night and u can also use it to track ur sleep by looking at what the time on vid is

glotiggy53 says:

Everyone in these comments are goated just know that 🗣

Polnareff says:

I use this every single night to sleep. I connect it to my soundbar and absolutely BLAST this shit into the atmosphere at full volume. I want to feel like I’m back in the womb

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