💥 Heavy Machinery FAILS and ACCIDENTS Caught on Tape

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In this heavy machinery fails video we take a closer look at 5 accidents invloving heavy machinery and heavy equipment.
From gas turbines to anchor fails, these expensive mistakes involving heavy machinery won’t go unnoticed!

Machine World is a channel all about those heavy machines, heavy machinery accidents and heavy machinery fails including heavy excavators and dump trucks and much, much more! You name it, if it has “machine” in the name, we have it!

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Machine World says:

Check out our newest video with 5 new fails & accidents explained here!
💥▶️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6esoWXxP0n0

Hazard says:

That first one hurt. 6.5 mil in damage because they didn't read their cranes data sheet (or equivalent)… no doubt there were firings after that one.

Gio Aponte says:

On number three I think it happend in russia

Eski Cihangir says:


Chloe Hennessey says:

Aren’t the scrap metal pieces supposed to undergo like an hour or two of preheating at like 500 C before being put into the molten steel?

Chloe Hennessey says:

That turbine being dropped wasn’t an accident. Any rigger worth his salt wouldn’t have done this without checking the crane for damage.
4 hours of checks would have saved $7,000,000 in turbine blades.

Tsilie Hibo says:

The turbine breaks my heart 😂

Robert Bass says:

#2 Anchor's away…literally.

Daka Baka says:

Rip guy falling out at 5:42

the seekers says:

More videos plz lol

Miguel Grande says:

Unqualified workers compilation

Frxggyaesthetxcs says:

That anchor was like “peace out bitches “

szqsk8 says:

That anchor thing was amazing.

Lary Mayotte says:

The problem with chains is they are only as strong as the weakest link.

Jason Tanoko says:

6:27 (seriously 60 tons)

Dorian Both says:

ten reasons why you shouldnt hire me

Andrew van Leeuwen says:

The fail in Italy could be prevented by rolling forward and hauling in

Caroline Howard says:

I must have said holy f#ck more times during this video than in the whole past year! 🤣

Jamie LaCourse says:

No sweat….. Cat's are pretty tough….

Robot guy says:

Number one, nice and gentle, BANG, what the fuck was that.

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