(1 YEAR REVIEW) black & decker “portable air conditioner” 12000 btu

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Here’s our summary of the pros and cons of this design (including the remote control features).

portable air conditioner shown in video (may be out of stock): https://amzn.to/2Pr580q
similar but smaller unit: https://amzn.to/3jbwnMA

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ShengFei Wu says:

Amazon has a brand YUESUO has such a cheap and quite beautiful quality

OnionBro says:

Oh wow I have the same one lol

eboymario says:

Imma try this, cause I’ve had 2 LG window ac and they both went out.

ofnarcr says:

MOLD ALERT. Had this unit for 3 years. Clean the filters often. Had a cough for a year now that i couldn't get rid of. Even got an inhaler because my doctor said i developed asthma. Got really bad the last few days and worse when i was in the room this unit was in. Decided to take it apart and saw white mold on the fan blades on top. Never been a fan of this thing because it's incredibly wasteful using already conditioned air to cool the condenser. Never again.

Michael Wyckoff says:

I have a LG portable air conditioner and it does okay but I think window ac units are really probably the better choice for more efficient cooling a room. I've noticed when the temperature and humidity are really high the portable ac units struggle to cool off a room.

Review Account says:

I bought one in April '22 as well because I knew this year was going to be HOT. Mine is a Toshiba, and the Black and Decker appears to be a rebadged Toshiba. Everything is the same including the remote, except the control buttons on the unit are colored differently for the B&D branding. It cools a room well enough, but forget about sleeping in that room when its on. Its LOUD.

PrincePalmUwU says:

I always feel the spinning part of anything like a fan does nothing! it always make the room hotter when it does spin left to right but if you put it at just an angle on a partcular spot than it can cool the room a lot easier than having it move left to right, let say a corner.

Eric Holmes says:

Not exactly sure how anyone here has had a positive experience with these things, I have an 8,000 BTU unit for 250 sqft room and want to throw this thing out. On MAX cool, it blows semi cold air for about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, then blows room temperature air for 14 minutes, completely reversing any cooling it just did, then repeats. The cold air is great but you have to be literally right next to the unit to feel anything. IT DOES NOT COOL THE ROOM AT ALL. The hose mount broke out of the box – had to use super glue to fix this. Please do no purchase. I’m almost willing to give someone money to take mine from me. That’s how dissatisfied I am.

Dragonorder18 says:

Been looking around at some units like that, where I have a window that has a permanent screen in. so this would probably work for me.

V1-Vr-Rotate V2-VY_VX says:

Don't waste your time these things are terrible they don't work returned it after 3 weeks. This unit distributes a lot of heat in the room more heat than cooling and a big waste electricity

Bonnie Hundley says:

Aren't these portable AC units better if there are two tunes out the window?

NorCal SawSquatch says:

I spent almost $500.00 on a similar toshiba unit and the hot exhaust vent hose made it worse. Best bang for ur buck is a WINDOW UNIT…… Plus they come with a dehumidifier now a days that freshens up ur place

Joey Caddell says:

Those units also create a draft on your home since they only have an out hose, this draft will constantly being in warm moist outside air into the house/structure.

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