10 AMAZING CNC Machines – IMTS 2018!

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Here are 10 amazing CNC Machines from IMTS 2018! Nothing. But. Pure. Awesome. Come check out the most amazing CNC machines we saw at IMTS 2018 and we’re saving the best for last! Stay tuned for our full length IMTS video coming soon!

Links for this video

DMG Mori Chicago Innovation Days | http://bit.ly/2lxDyj5

EMO: The World’s Largest CNC Trade SHow | http://bit.ly/2NlcnmQ

Haas Factory Tour | http://bit.ly/2QrSQDh

Matsuura CNC Showroom: BTS | http://bit.ly/2sosLvl

Sandvik Factory Tour & Demos | http://bit.ly/2zPTchL

IMTS 2016 | http://bit.ly/2kNvZUS

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Gabby Nguyen says:

absolutely gorgeous! thank you for the video!

Andrea Casali says:

Nakamura, index, biglia, star, heller,kitamura, toyoda, mitsui seiki… wath is hass?! Good for joke

Andrea Casali says:

Haas and doosan …. baaa

Ethan Reynolds says:


ZachBN says:

Haas is kinda trash imo

Shawn Mick says:

The first Okuma machine you showed looks almost identical to Mazak Integrex machines from almost 2 decades ago, haha. Integrex turning and milling is my works bread and butter and they truly are wonderful machines to work with.

Tomek B says:

What about Yasda CNC

Meat Balls says:

So satisfying to watch CNCs in action! Almost therapeutic! The metal crafts these CNCs produce are literally art work worthy to display in art museum

Konstrukcje-Malbork says:

I think DMG Mori is a crap. I have one new machine NTX2500 and it's nothing but problems. Gennerally they make them cheap now. Everything possible is lightweight and lot's of problems. Spindles are uncertain quality (we had to change ours 2 times in firs year cause they overheat). Lube system is cut to one unit for spindle and guide and it's no good oil for either and so on. It's just a joke what they do to theirs so called premium models.

Gurjit Singh says:

What is price of this machine

Miguel Hernandez says:

I agree this is just AMAZING!! These machines are so big so precise. Multi tool 5 axis rotational, with finishes like glass, robotic feed such boring and reeming capabilities!! These machines could literally produce anything metal that exist.

Tech Quarks says:

Great content. Interesting!

Nam Thang Le says:

Tormach is SHIT

Icykenny92 says:

I need one of those machines so i can be a supervillain and make war machines! 😈


Fanuc vs siemens vs mitsubishi, which controller is better for 3d machining.which one will give better finish and less cycle time if installed on same machine model?

Armando Restrepo says:

Okuma using fanuc parts

sergocam says:

okuma is the best never stop


@0:30 the listed accuracy for the cycloidal gears is +/- 40 arc seconds and +/- 20 arc seconds repeatability. That's REALLY BAD… I'm not 100% sure that that is an improvement over the UMC 750 other than being more reliable and more rugged. IS that a typo ?

Christopher says:

Curious to know what software is used to program these machines

one_shot_ kills says:

we are already in the future

id104335409 says:

Anybody want to buy my soul??

Eric says:

If you like that Grob maschines, we have two of the G550s at our facility, chained together with a huge pallet- and toolchanger. We've got round about 75 pallets and over 700 tools which can be used at both maschines. There is a Video at YouTube that shows it a little bit. It's about the Liebherr Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH and our titanium parts for the A350 NLG. Just take a look if you're interessted.

Braeden Hamson says:

I don't work with CNC machines, so I'm curious. Say you set up that HAAS machine to do multiple jobs in a night. On the first job the machine breaks an endmill. Does the machine just carry on? I figure it's gonna crash because it's not removing any material. Obviously it could end up scrapping all the parts it runs after that. What measures are taken to avoid this?

John Ledford says:

John, Hands down the best 10min recap of the show I've seen. I missed you at the Yamazen booth this year as I recently took a position selling machine tools in Michigan (RJ is my rep). Keep up the great work, I appreciate all that you do! _ John L.

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