10 AMAZINGLY Bad Tools You Probably Own

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Top ten tools I regret buying. Modern Homesteading.
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Wranglerstar says:

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GET SOME KNIPEX COBRAS – https://amzn.to/3jA2PVP – (amazon affiliate link)

Enrique says:

I'll take that tammahawk tho lol

Gary Martinez says:

Man cries about basic tools for nearly 15 minutes should be the name of this video

Edwin Wise says:

What you call a “tomahawk “ is actually called a framing axe and very useful for roof framing. Properly sharpened they can cut as clean as a saw. Great for adjusting bird’s mouth, notching etc without having put your hammer down. Mine all have nail pullers …

UltimateSauceGod says:

Yeah I'll tell all the plumbers I work with to throw away their channel locks. Really?

Thomas Conant says:

You are really showing your ignorance, most of these "useless" tools are for specific jobs. Just because you are not a professional doesn't mean they are junk.

Kyle Stephens says:

Only use I’ve found for crows foot is torquing bolts when a socket can’t fit

Bennet Russell says:

Hey now I'd like to see you hand sand 20 square feet of varnish and then say it was faster

Donald A. Jr says:

I hope you read this but you probably won't.100% of the tools you trashed someone would pay you to ship them to them and even money for your time. I digress. I hope you have a blessed day.

Dane Martin says:

The Makita saw is the best saw in existence in my opinion. Worm worm drive or the normal one. Awesome torque. Just gotta have some muscle to use them.

Frank Martin says:

Every time I've given away tools because I've never needed them, guess what. Yup, a couple of month's later I need to go out and buy replacements. I have plumbing tools I thought I'd never need. Wrong. Why would anyone need a super short hex drive spark plug socket? Because I swear that some engines have the spark plugs installed before the engine goes into the chassis. I've been a mechanic for over 50 years, and I never throw away an off brand tool that's in good condition. I might need to cut it shorter or weld it to a bar to do a one-time job. Crow's foot wrenches? I still use them all the time, and they can sometimes save a lot of disassembly labor.

Boonie Buster says:

You know, I don't know what it is about this guy, but I just don't like him. It seems he is always complaining about something or somebody. I don't understand how he can get so many views and so many "Likes". But sometimes I watch one of his videos just to see what the heck he is pissed off about today. He doesn't like that saw because it doesn't cut straight. It is meant to cut firewood for crying out loud. It is not a precision cutting tool. I carry a similar one in my camping equipment to cut firewood, or to remove a tree limb that is blocking my path on the back roads. I consider it an emergency use saw. I'm glad I'm not subscribed to his channel. I only watch an occasional video when I need to get my blood pressure back up.

Gamble Oak Ranch says:

Why cant I find a tap that dosen't brake/ rip in a year

Scott Ayers says:

I still have my crows foot in my tool box from when I was a dealership mechanic 35yrs ago. The only reason I bought them was because they were to go to tool for removing power steering lines buried way down deep in the engine compartment. I've never used them once since.

Thee_ Number_Six says:

Ithe only flat wrenches I own are my brake line wrenches for pressure lines, and I won't use Milwaukee. Stanley is Black and Decker, personally I stick with craftsman

Stroke It says:

I don't care how old this video is and I didn't want to look through all the comments but for an educated looking guy a tomahawk is made for war and killing unless really desperate watch the last of the mohikins it's a throwing weapon mainly

john whiley says:

Seems to me that you are useless at using all tools. A bad workman blames his tools.

Asan Seil says:

I'm sure someone's made a video about building an entire tool/workshop just by visiting the dump.

Most Likely We Do It Services says:

I love Knipex. My largest pair cost $135. The wire cutters with the plyer's nose are the very best I have ever used. And yes I have a large collection of wire strippers.

Most Likely We Do It Services says:

Milwaukee tapes are garbage. I have left Fatmax only to come back. Milwaukee will waste you purchase power.

newstart49 says:

Wow! What a waste! I guess if you are rich, and don't know and appreciate tools like us pros do- these tools can be tossed, but you could at least find some youngster starting out in life with little money to give these tools to!

J R says:

When you need a crow's foot there is no other way about it. I mostly only ever used for power steering lines on a rack and pinion. When you need it you need it. Not saying I love them but sure can make something impossible possible.

Sean Kelly says:

I have a tear in my eye seeing tools being thrown away

Mark Francis says:

Tell the truth how many of the tools you binned did you get out again lol

Matt Jennings says:

Please don't throw tools in the trash. Find a young man and give him some free tools.

Osmium Soul says:

Maybe the tools are fine, but Danglestar needs to go in the garbage.

J M says:

The best use for a Bow Saw… I needed to dispose of a foam mattress it worked awesomely.

Zachariah Morris says:

You missed the mark on this one Cody. You are wrong on every tool.

Elderstab says:

IT IS Not pronounct nipex its Kni pex

Viktor Ilinets says:

Agree on everything but the channellock pliers.

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