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How to weld? Welding is skilled work. No matter whether it is oxy-fuel or inert gas welding. The welding result hinges on several influencing factors – welding machine, welding equipment, the gas used for welding. Welding gases such as argon, oxygen and acetylene play an essential role. Anyhow, welding is not learned in one day – it requires several years of training and regular practice. Safety is always the top priority when working with gases – regardless of whether it concerns the correct storage of the cylinder, occupational safety or fire protection. No compromises here.

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Harikrishnan Manickam says:

Rathinaswamy rip 👀🔧🔨🦴

Canada confirm.

Mr Paradox says:

You forgot the non-flamable clothes

zorro456 says:

But you didn't do Splatter burning through the top of your shoe!

The Bavarian Barbarian says:

Non flammable clothing doesn't mean you won't get burned…

you know everything says:

Cotton long sleeve shirts are just fine trust me that's all we wear out on the pipelines of fr is not required same with ship yards and most of your industrial fab shops all wear all natural cotton shirts and jeans synthetic will stick to skin and melt into skin cotton won't and not as hot as welding leather jacket or even the hot green jacket and the green sleeves suck to

you know everything says:

Wanna see funny welding fails go teach a free welding night class to young 18-21 year olds in the hood trying to get a job when they first try to light a rod up and stick weld for first time they freak out and scared of every little spark that hits them and if the rod gets stuck I had a few that started yelling and screaming that it's fixing to blow up cuse it's melting and glowing red cuse they left the stinger on the rod that got stuck still. And then let them light a torch for first time they get even more scared all these big tuff pants sagging thugs are scared to death of a little spark and a welding rod and a torch it's so freaking funny

Arham Imran says:

The music 💀💀💀

ZayonHotz says:

nah whoever pulled back the helmet needs to get whooped coz thas not even funny ion play abt my eye sight

Kyle Baddog508 says:

Fire watch was on break in the first one

jr santana says:

i bet you this person is a jobsite safety inspector judging by how “experienced” they are

Titan_ Free Fire says:

What if happen if anyone will touch welding rod while welding machine is on?

Gabe says:

2:00 this video is pointless, the guy was wearing clothes that were literally made for welding. there was no safety issue. its a guy thats learning how to weld and hes not used to hot sparks hitting him. anybody that just started welding will react the same way, when you realize youre not going to get burnt, you stop reacting like that. the only thing he could have done better is wear an apron so sparks cant go in his pants, and wear shoe covers so sparks cant get in his shoes.

TNMYP G says:

#1 methane does not make a good shielding gas – don’t fart near the weld

TorBoy9 says:

Good public service announcement. Thanks.

Blood Bushcraft says:

the person who edited this video is probably some prick from safety who ruined a funny video for safety training.

Daniel Byrne says:

What a load of bollox

Random Schittz says:

The award for worst worst fails video goes to airliquid Dick Eater

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