10 Fabrication Tips in 10 Minutes!!

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10 quick welding and metal fabrication tips in 10 minutes.

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Joe Olejar says:

I always learn something. Thanks!

outdoorzone says:

Finding the holes was genius!! Thx

Gamer 210 says:

That burn an inch is great if you remember. Many times in the middle of a pro I always forget. Lmao.

MR Sad says:

The tape measure is actually design that way.

Steve Noe says:

Thank you very much will make things easer

Robert Stinson says:

very helpful Thank you

Felix X says:

Hoes and nuts overall lasted the 10min

Derek Riddle says:

Justin – fantastic! Thank you.

JeepSteveJeep says:

#2 The tape was completely useless

ryan wright says:

For a backer in place of aluminum or copper use an old cutting disc or grinding disc it works well and they're disposable no hard feelings lost if damaged or warped

Christopher Mclaughlin says:

Good advice. That last piece didnt look flat though.

Jim Murphy says:

Where do you get glowing tool chests from? I've looked all over…
Just kidding. Good tips and clean production.

nick williams says:

Great video

Subdeacon K says:

Man, i loved this. I used to work as a blacksmith and I wish I knew these tricks then. Also, after watching this I realize I should look into sheet metal and fabrication apprenticeships. I love metal.

Daniel Fogle says:

Useful thanks

Chris Morris says:

Use the 10" mark instead of the 1" mark to eliminate end play error. This way is much less prone to forgetting to subtract the offset.

Sam Done says:

Very informative

Danny Comsa says:

No. 5 – A little more work, but get a wood ruler and accurately drill holes at every 1/2 inch. At the beginning, drill every 1/4 (or 1/8) inch.
Now you can accurately make any size hole up to it's limits. One hole for the pin and the other for the marker.
Works for me.

Jamie says:

Great tips. Awesome editing and sound. Just subscribed!

Marc Estes says:

Super job Justin!!!! Been in fab/weld for 30 years. You just taught me a few new tricks..

Nick Belcher says:

Thanks brother always learning

Petrie Pretorius says:

Mr Precise…precision measurement, precision time management…i like that precisely!

Erik Nielsen says:

Always nice to finde out that ewen after 30 years of workin there is still a lot to learn 😉 thanks

David James says:

For once on YouTube, 10 minutes of my life I'm very glad I invested.
Thank you.

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