10 Minutes Of Amazing Continous Production Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before #6

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10 Minutes Of Amazing Continous Production Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before #6

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Veran Stosic says:

I see no reason To be shown Cutting dead animals .It's ugly to me And maybe the kids are watching too.

Deep Rolling River says:

My ADHD would have me sticking two finely sharpened pencils into my eyes after one hour.

Deep Rolling River says:

Now I feel bad for paying only $10 for a cabinet knob.

Michael Smith says:

They can crank out millions of units, pack, and ship (in actual ships) across the planet to us and sell them cheaper than everything made right in our own towns. Hmmmm.

Harvest Maid says:

I worked at such a place…..woman had a press machine come down on hand….with plastic melted and crushed her hand.😣

storm trooper says:

all i see is greed and a accident about to happen from pushing workers to fast

Всё всё всё says:

9:25 бабская мечта

유리지니TVᆞ333movieᆞ says:

거의 다 기계가 없으면 .이렇게 빨리 못함.

Jack Cobin says:

Sad to me because we had a diner in Linden NJ in the 50 and 60s and all the factories that exttruded etc are all gone.

Ganesan Kuppusamy says:

When I asked the Almighty for peace,

The Almighty showed me Earthians living among religious menace.

When I asked the Almighty for strength,

The Almighty gave me problems to face.

When I asked the Almighty for happiness,

The Almighty showed me the sufferings of poor,

When I asked the Almighty to which religion to follow,

The Almighty showed me the madness of religious slaves.

When I asked the Almighty for wealth,

The Almighty showed me corruptive service slaves.

When I asked the Almighty favour and help,

The Almighty showed me corruptive humans.

When I asked the Almighty to save the people from distress,

The Almighty blessed Earthians to live with love and affection,

Finally the Almighty gave me nothing or any thing,

But the Almighty showed me the right path to live without religious menace.

kk S says:


tipirick says:

So here is our downfall. We just cant do this like they can.

意味不明 says:

9:27 His wife must be happy.

bs tv says:

Thanks friend 👍

Fulanito Detal says:

What do Americans make?

VikingPowered says:

Notice how many of them lack a finger or two.

J.A Status says:

Bhai Zara samajh me aaye aise video diya karo speed but zyada hai

Vito Corleone says:

What is the name of the machine 2:41 minut☝️

Антон says:

Вот кому нужно быть благодарным за тот комфорт, в котором мы живём.

Wanda Carvalho Cardoso says:

que maravilhoso vídeo, ter o conhecimento na palma da mão. parabéns!

down under says:


Zsolt Horváth says:

Amikor ilyen videókat látok, mindig hálás vagyok a sorsnak, hogy nem ilyen biorobot munkám van…

紅髮小菁 says:


AgentHEKTAH says:

Cruel slavery. Nobody sees that.

S-Việt Nam says:

Really great machines, great help to people

wolf alriffa says:

انهم يحبون بلادهم ولاشيءغير ذلك سبب نجاحهم ونجاح بلادهم المبهر المدهش الجميل//الحزب الحاكم مستبد ولكن ولكن مخلص لبلاده واخلاصه واضح لايخفى على احد،،،،،،،،

CrownLands says:

The free-hand seamstress, applying beads on that fabric is impressive

Anduvina 'Nduvinello! says:

Con molto meno lavoro si avrebbero prodotti di alta altissima qualità che si comprerebbero poche volte o anche una sola volta nella vita. È tutta una truffa!

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