10 Tools To Make Your PLUMBING Jobs EASIER

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As a Plumber You CAN’T be Caught WITHOUT These 10 Tools – Learning the BASICS of Plumbing

Learning the BASICS of Plumbing playlist is made for plumbers and homeowners who are wanting to learn things that are considered basic knowledge in plumbing. This playlist is plumbing 101 for whoever wants to learn it.

Today I’m going to show you 10 tools that EVERYONE should have either in their tool bag or stocked in the van because you WILL need them at some point.

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Thanks for watching! I’m Roger Wakefield, The Expert Plumber, and welcome to my channel. On this channel, it’s ALL about plumbing. We play games, we experiment, and we have FUN here, talking and learning about all things plumbing!

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Aaron DeFreitas says:

Wish you would show an example of the tools in action

William Morris says:

I hate when you go on a job and find the tubing water lines. It is one of those things that I just don’t keep parts on my truck for

Alex Short says:

I am a maintenance supervisor for a 73 year old multi family property. I have all these tools except the handle puller, swedge tool, first basket wrench and the tubing bender. Let me tell you that they are all a life saver. I cant say enough to having a good pick set for changing seats and springs and removing the rubber bits for positemp cartridges when the previous ones were never greased enough.

Couple other tools I would add are a tub drain extractor, stem wrenches, and cartridge puller

gareth tompkins says:

2nd tool is not necessary because you can just use the end of any size adjustable wrench depending on your width of copper to round it

gareth tompkins says:

1st tool in not necessary wd does the trick

A nonymous says:

Piss poor video presentation! Stop jerking the camera angle from front face view to side face view. Instead show close up of tool and demonstration of function.. Get a new video editor. Get a new camera man.

Itsactually BRANDON says:

A socket saver !!!

Max Karlsson says:

Here in Sweden (and I believe many other parts of europe) we got knee pads integrated in our work pants so we dont really need to carry an extra but in america I see a lot of trades people work in their jeans so the extra knee pad is a must have in many situations

michael andres says:

That dumbbell tub drain remover is phenomenal. Sometimes you can use it for basket strainers too.

Joseph J. says:

Gotta have Knipex Cobras and the Pliers Wrench!

Good tip with the handle puller. I’m so tired of fighting with those.

david stock says:

Safety, along with owners workman comp insurance.being considered. Buy cheap tools, save few buck yes. But not only have, but will spend much much more within er-room/doctor. Once safety is compromised. Forget towards few intial bucks spent, think depth within your safety first. So you remain intact, towards many calls to come.

jeep_jku _kong says:

Great video my friend I have ever single one of them tools on my truck my other 3 go to tools is a stop Rench by ridged a 6inch crescent and 6inch pliers lol must have

Antony Mercer says:

what would be the brand name of a good tankless water heater… I have gas right now… in the garage… Home Owner @Roger Wakefield

C Reese Nebeker says:

The different types of videos you do are ALL so helpful, except this type. THIS is the BEST! Those Oh, so handy tips always feel like you're giving bonus hax. It never seems as though you are saying "Hey, dummy! Did you learn plumbing from an electrician? Do it the right way!" Much L☻♥E for the way you do.

Andrew Polzin says:

One tool I find to be extremely helpful is the Ona puller for moen shower valves. I working service and I find this to be a life saver for Moen shower cartridges. It works on all moen valves

Yukon Mapper says:

crimp rings are the way to go those stainless steel bands are home depot homeowner stuff don't touch it as a professional

My Man Miles says:

hey what brand are the tubing cutters you show at 6 minutes in, i've never seen those before but i'd like to try them since i work with pex b a lot

bill junior says:

What about some links to the products?

Mathew Phemister says:

1 of my favorite tools is a oil filter wrench I use for replacing garbage disposals, tightening or loosing my k-60, 2in / 1 1/2in PVC unions/backflow for injector pumps or subpumps and much more. I learn the plumbing trade in Texas from my great uncle Gaylen Bogard (he been a Texas plumber since he was 12 and now he in his 80s) and my dad (43 years as a licensed plumber) both are RMP it's on there much have tool list.

Grizzly Tactical says:

You forgot the Ridgid One Stop. Amazing for compression angle stops.

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