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Ellison will be selling this Machine at a discount off our floor once we finish our Aerospace Tutorials. Learn more about this Ibarmia: https://www.ellisontechnologies.com/ibarmia/t-extreme/t16-extreme

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Ian Langley says:

Hi, what a machine. Such a high RPM for a large machine. As I said in one of my earlier emails I worked for Seco Tools here in New Zealand and I understand the difference in the range of milling holders. You mentioned a BT taper with double contact (Big Plus I think it was called) but they are not as good as HSK. The problem is when the machine operates at high RPM the spindle grows slightly and rigidity can be lost. The HSK being hollow grows with the spindle and maintains double contact across the range of RPM. You may like to cover this in one of your very explicit videos in the future. Cheers Ian

d Ufffg says:

Please wear astronaut suit

Abu Yaseen says:

Is ibarmia in the same league as grob and heller?

shaun R says:

Glad found this channel 👍🏻

GEFanuc21t says:

BOOM is the sound of the machine crashes for their unreality TV show they never show.

Thomas Skodzinsky says:

👁️ 👁️


Bro… Your defferent' you have a nice great machine… Can you make a mags for motorcycle scooter.. for a big tire 🤣🤣🤣

Ehab Yasser says:

Is there any chance for additive manufacturing to take the lead from CNC removing machines

Fatih Mehmed says:

This 1 ı vant. Whats the prise

Denns says:

I wonder if these big guys also like doing overhaul cleaning of these machines.

Clutch 5sp says:

LOL…you're inside a CNC machine. Let's play. You sit up there and have your guys program bugger picking nose hair trim. Sit still now.

AdventureManInTheClouds says:

I wonder how much this thing costs.

Carefree Spirit says:


Jamison Roberts says:

I don't know anything about machining, but I love watching this stuff. Who know such things existed? Everyone should be more aware of the work that goes into making the things we use everyday.

BMAD01 says:

It is obvious you are a talented machinist. That BOOM crap drives me NUTS! I couldn't be around you very long…

Kevin Bissinger says:

It really shows how y'all think that you said 1000mm instead of 1m

Andreas H. Lux says:

Hi Man,.. 😊

Andrew says:

This thing is nuts. I’m not even a machinist but I love his attitude. Always positive and there’s no limit to his imagination. Always looking to go bigger and take everything to the next level.

The what says:

Can you tell us how much that bit cost ?Beast mode

Athosarion says:

3:31 – my humble country's countribution. Love from Slovenia 👌

Teemu Virkiö says:

You dont want to crash this one.

GuardianLords says:

The challenge would be to machine the smallest part possible using the largest CNC as possible.

Celso Alexandre da Silva says:

The toy is brute force!

Celso Alexandre da Silva says:

The best feeling is that of a child when given a new toy. 🤜🤛

Lokkas says:

the way titan talks is like the donald trump of CNC machining xD

Jason Kane says:

That thing is a monster! I thought our Makino A61nx's were big. Look like little 3d printers next to that beast!

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