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100,000 Pound Monster 5 Axis CNC Machine Won’t Fit Through The Door.

Learn more about this Ibarmia: https://www.ellisontechnologies.com/ibarmia/t-extreme/t16-extreme

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Jamie Macdonald says:

After watching the video I am left with only one question. How much does that thing weigh?

Ronald Sinaga says:

Man oh man. I have same vision. Can't wait to aplly all. Regards from Indonesia.

JackSheetMetalwork says:

Video in 10 years time : We bought a gargantuan 7 axis cnc milling machine that's so big we're gonna cnc the earth 🤘😅😁

Eddie Kulp says:

Bought it? I doubt if only using a few months

Eddie Kulp says:

My guess it cost 10 million

GOLDplus2 says:

I was waiting for the term " the big guns"

Raunchy Santa says:

Tells us they're going to teach people how to use it, but then doesn't say what it does

pancakes3ful says:

No cranes, everybody's hand bombing steel.

John says:

If this level of education had been around when I was young I might have been a machinist instead of a beat up worn out heavy equipment operator. heheh

Doctor Diesel’s World says:

You always amaze me so cool

Jason says:

How much does a monster like that beast cost?

Bdpjev says:

This man is a blessing to our country. I think he is someone who is writing a new chapter in American exceptionalism, a new era of American history, his story should be one for the history books. What a blessing it is to have a human being that values things outside of their own selves.

Bryan Benson says:

So what's the cost for a bad boy like this? 1 million?


Love what you guys are doing

Hector Jimenez says:

As a machinist this guy never shows us shit just all his new equipment. I respect what he has done but never shows shit about how to machine better

Kenneth Harrison says:

I doing worse I doing same job over and over because they don't believe in automation, just mindless work .

Nick Maille says:

The darksouls boss music is fitting.

95lovi says:

This guy is heart solid ! He is the Patch Adams of CNC and CAD/CAM

95lovi says:

Sorte like the „Booom“ Game? 😉

Ian Pottinger says:

Good thing the floor survived the manoeuvres


I would not like to be that forklift driver 😂 Heidenhain is really good for beginners to learn on too

Just for fun says:

What do you mean free education? I just found this channel not long ago, do you have a school in Texas that teaches machinist’s or is this an online school or is it just through YouTube and these videos?

Martin Martin says:

won't fit through our door???? where was that part? Why click baiting when you have a great video?

Treva Boatwright says:

I want to learn this
Where do I sign up?
Christopher Brown( my name )

Piscitelli Nicholas says:

I have one of those

Merphine Sitorus says:

I guess you're going to need a gantry crane in the shop.

ts109 says:

Maybe a roof access option

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