15 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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15 air conditioner maintenance tips. If you are looking for what you can do as AC maintenance in the beginning of the season, look no further. In this video I go over 15 AC maintenance tips that you can do or check yourself to make sure your unit is ready to go for the summer. Here are the 15 tips presented in the video:

1. Uncover the condenser unit
2. Clean the condenser coil
3. Check for a mouse nest and look for damaged wires/connectors
4. Check the capacitor and have a spare one
5. Suction line insulation
6. Level the condenser unit
7. Test run your air conditioner early in the season
8. Kick start condenser fan for the season
9. How to check if AC is cooling enough (taking a temp drop)
10. Clear condensate drain line and fitting
11. Change air filter regularly
12. Check blower wheel and capacitor
13. Close humidifier damper
14. Keep vents and returns open and clear
15. Replace thermostat batteries
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Meir Kin says:

I just want to compliment and thank you for producing very detailed videos and explaining everything. You also appear very genuine and thorough. keep up the good work you do in helping humanity.

Thestargazer56 says:

Great tips!
I use a breathable screen or cloth cover on top to keep leaves and maple seeds from stopping up the rain drain holes ( that can cause rusting). I always try to keep the coils clean and make sure that dryer vent lint does not stop up the coils. My unit has worked well for over 20 years with the only repairs that have been capacitors replaced 2 times (around $120).

Stans Bruv says:

Nice work friend! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

BobbyD3188 says:

So would you get a Goodman a/c and furnace?? I've been getting price's abd they all seem to frown on Goodman for some reason.

Rogers Photography says:

We just moved into our new home with central AC (first in 3 homes) last August when everything was working fine. I went to turn it on in this mini heatwave we're having in the in the NE and…. Dead. Nada! Having worked on every possible type of homeowners headaches for the past 30 years I suspected a number of issues and worse case scenarios. I didn't need to get all the way through your video because, 4:10 helped me get straight to the issue (and also the foul stench of death). I pulled the cover of the electrical and (not) to my surprise there were two eyes staring out at me. Yup, it was a tiny cute gray/grey mouse. Well I gently booted it out and removed it's decomposing partner, cleaned out the nest to find a chewed thermostat wire and also the capacitor which was covered in about an inch of excrement and nesting leaves. So, I turned off the power at the breaker(s) repaired the wire turned it on and voila, it started right up BUT the capacitor was smoking at the wires which still were covered in excrement and nest. Seems that all that goo created a short so I cleaned it off and now VOILA back in business. One warning, make sure you clean everything off thoroughly inside the electrical component (box) otherwise you could most definitely and inadvertently start a small fire. Thanks for your help! Great videos!

Emily Cameron says:

The suction line inside a Lennox condenser is about 2 to 3 feet long without insulation before it connects to the compressor. Would it be good to insulate that portion of line too? or is there a reason why it is not insulated by factory new. Often the two lines are routed close together to the A coil inside the house, would it increase efficiency if lines run more separated (i know suction line is insulated but still)?

Walter White says:

Man you are life saver

Black Horse says:

Excellent information and demonstration

Tyler Humke says:

On my unit the compressor inside the unit as well as the insulated line is freezing over. I had a guy look at it the other day and said it was a bit low on freon so put some in and left but I looked at it today and it freezing up again. Any recommendations I should do? I have it set it 70 so I wouldn't think im over working it or anything

Brandon Masser says:

Just cover it

Carlos Roque says:

Thank you for your great video. I am having a leaking problem from the evaporator which is on topof a TRANE FURNACE but it is tightly enclosed by the hood of the duct system. There is no acces door to it but what seems to be sealed small panels held with screws. I have placed a tight adaptor on the drain pipe and sucked as much watter as posible but althogh very dirty I didn't get any major sludge. Not much water comes out of the draining pipe but most water is leaking through the seams of the duct seating on top of the furnace. Im very mechanicaly abl. Do you think that the only way to get to the pan is to disasemble the duct panel? I could send you a picture. Thank you sr.

Lisa Langer says:


Alec Schmutte says:

My AC unit short cycles every 10 or so seconds (compressor also turns on during this time) and the fan will not “kick start”. When I push the plunger I can hear the compressor, but the fan will not kick on. Any idea?

GD351 says:

Thank you for your time

Skogens Hjärta says:

Great information. Thank you.

DiegoVansante says:

Thank for this critical information on the maintenance needs of my new AC. Needed a run through like yours.

C-Beezy says:

Imagine all the service calls you triggered cause of this video lol. “1992 Trane Heat Pump Split System” Temp Split is 14. Coil is a bucket of rust. “My ac is not cooling properly”

FatManDoubleZero says:

ALL OF MY ELEVEN AIR FLOW SUPPLY "GRILLS" LOCATED IN MY CEILING HAVE A SINGLE "LEVER" THAT CONTROLS THE "AIR FLOW DIRECTION" AND NOT THE DISCHARGE VOLUME OF SUPPLY SIDE AIR. MY AIR FLOW "SUPPLY SIDE VOLUME" IS CONTROLLED BY A SERIES OF EIGHT MANUAL DAMPERS. In your video you stated that the air flow supply grill "lever" can be used to "shut off" or "curtail" the air flow volume into a room. That doesn't "jive" with my newly installed TRANE heat pump system and how it works.

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