1500watt HandHdheld Laser Welding stainless steel round tube welding #

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We specialize in laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, and laser welding machines since 2010.

Widely used in:
1. Metal processing
Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Metal sheet
Aluminum alloy
Mild steel
Such as :
Home appliances
Electric cabinet
Stainless steel door
Kitchen and bathroom
2.Lithium battery industry
Lithium battery
Power battery
Pack battery
Lithium iron phosphate battery
lithium battery pack

We sincerely hope that you might benefit from this machine

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Dask says:

I would not trust that well I mean people look and see the bead and they think it's a good weld I'll bet if you X-ray that it's probably got the most impurities ever probably crack under any real stress

Gazooka says:

“How much does that cost?”
“How much money do you have?”

Kirill Ykinov says:

Блин, а мы до сих пор ручником варим. Отстаём лет на 10.

Mr. Mendez says:

Beautiful weld.

Reyes Gerardo Rios Lopez says:

En dónde puedo conseguir un juguetito de esos chulada de herramienta
Necesito una k soldé acero inoxidable
Y también Aluminio

José Antonio Montoya Munguía says:

Cuál es su precio

Рафаэль Клейменов says:

А изнутри как шов выглядит?

Jacqueline Trimm says:

🌹🕊🙏💪😇❤ Sincerely Jacqueline Trimm Syme Hamblen Morrison family bloodline

Mauricio Bautista Hdz says:

En Monterrey Nuevo León México…pa cuando ó ya está…

Cyril Olard says:

Super soudure.. très belle… Nickel….

Claudio A G M Filho M.D. says:

🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👏🏻, Oh my gosh, that is just so amazing. I’m totally impressed by it.

Cesar Antonio Moreno Sanchez says:

Está tecnología aún no está disponible en Colombia (la necesitamos)

José Gonçalves De sena júnior says:

Que máquina é essa? Maravilha

Waleed Elmogy says:

كام السعر

Mohammed NOUR says:

هل يوجد مثل هذة المكنا في سوق الجمعة

Роман Рабчевский says:

Что за защитный газ и какая проволока???

Adam Sam says:

كم سعرها

dkonect says:

A wonderful weld👌🏻

Altex Industries says:

Amazing job! Looks very good!

Prakhong Burger says:


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