21 HAND TOOL TIPS, TRICKS & SECRETS!! (Hammer/Screwdriver/Tape Measure/Pliers…& MORE HAND TOOLS!)

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21 HAND TOOL TIPS, TRICKS & SECRETS!! (Hammer/Screwdriver/Tape Measure/Pliers…& MORE HAND TOOLS!)

There are more aspects to many of the hand tools we all use than meets the eye. In this video, The Honest Carpenter will show 21 hand tool tips, tricks and secrets that he has used over the years. Perfect for carpentry newcomers and DIYers!

1) Tape measure tabs are supposed to wiggle. (This is called tab/hook travel.)
2) Tape measure tabs can be used for quick marking.
3) Changeable screwdrivers have six functions (6-in-1), not four.
4) Screwdriver bits can be used in drills…in a pinch.
5) You can countersink roughly with a phillips screwdriver.
6) Use needle nose pliers to hammer small nails.
7) Needle nose pliers come with wirecutters built in.
8) Hammer nails at 90 degrees to start…then angle them.
9) Use a scrap board to pry nails.
10) You can pry nails sideways (when surface quality doesn’t matter).
11) Combination squares have a secret marker.
12) Wrench heads are helpfully angled at 22-1/2 degrees.
13) Use a sharp nail set as a drill punch.
14) Speed square can act as a saw guide.
15) Speed square makes a great straight edge for knives.
16) Utility knives better than pencils for marking cuts.
17) Most pliers have a helpful slip joint.
18) Use needle nose pliers to help back out a screw.
19) Screwdrivers help turn eye bolts.
20) Use large screwdriver for offset nailing.
21) Use mini hacksaws for tight spaces.

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TimeToCheckReality says:

consider forceps as the ultimate thin and maneuverable needle nose pliers

TimeToCheckReality says:

You missed the idea that flipping the offset head on the wrench on every other turn frequently lets you turn farther on each stroke.

Iskra Jackal says:

Great tips, and all your videos explain things really clearly. Thank you 🏆

Jamie Saunders says:

Use an Alan wrench in a drill as a bit to turn eyelets or bolt hooks

Missy says:

omfg.. #21.. where were you when I used a regular hacksaw to cut the rusted screws on a toilet tank in a ridiculously confined space….

Vern Sowers says:

Excellent information ! Thank you.

Chad Atkins says:

Tip #22! I grind a slice at the top of a worn out socket to screw in eye screws with a drill. You’ll want to get it started first, then take it slow.

D Hyde says:

Also, the square shank of that big screwdriver is made that way for another reason. You can use an adjustable wrench along with a lot of down pressure on the screwdriver handle to loosen or tighten a stubborn screw.

Lyn Stoner says:

I think your videos are brilliant and very helpful tips. I’ve grown up without a dad so my mum and I had to do diy. Now I’m an adult who now again lives on my own and I do diy and I have learnt some really good tips and tricks I will take on board and look out for more from you as you explain so well thank you.

Lawrence Zareno says:


Ed Sherrod says:

I've used most of the tools you showed for over 50 years and never heard some of these tips before – thank you for great info.

IoI wut says:

wow this is already a year old? and i still need to rewatch lol

ToolBoy says:

Thanks for the grat tips!

Misty Dunn says:


FRB3 says:

Great collection of tips!
You should include one for the Ladder Mover, it has lots of uses beyond moving ladders.

Alex Peralta says:

i have only just found your account about 30 minutes ago and I really appreciate the in depth information you give. Subscribed brotha!

AJ Schmidt says:

I did pretty well but I did learn some new tricks.

TheNorthWolf says:

You didn't mention that the tip of the measuring tape has a slot to hold the head of a nail. Or that each tape shows the length of the tape measure written somewhere by the clip, so the tape measure itself can be added into measurements.

Mason Verkruisen says:

I've wondered about tab travel for quite some time. Thanks for this.

Stan B says:

I'm just curious… Did you and April Wilkerson grow up close to each other? You both say sawr the same way.

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