220V 3000W Handheld Portable Electric Arc Welding Machine

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This handheld portable welding machine is easy for you to use, whether you are a professional hobbyist or just beginning to learn welding, you can use it quickly and safely, it is small in size, you can take it with you. Come on and try it, it will not let you down.


Atelier-Horus says:

what is the advantage with a classic welding machine?


Newbie here idol, this is non sticky ?

Flip Maritz says:

Device will get heavy in your hand eventually.

jcvcomfg1 says:

How may weeks/months does that hing last?

Lewis Liew says:

How to order?

Juan Manuel Casiano says:

Hi can you help me, where can i buy this product?

Yes says:

Is this a joke?

Parmorama says:

Wow! The welds look great , think I’ll get one of these.👍

valveman12 says:

Old Fashion Bulky welding machines? Not today with all the inverter technology.
I guarantee this handheld piece of junk will not do the job a proper welding machine can do.
I don't trust welders from China unless they are properly vetted. Too many times people buy a welder from China and the current rating is a fraction of what was described, and the duty cycle is also questionable.

You Tube says:

Wow 🤩 very interesting. I will look it up

delivery masakan panas says:

Masyaallah… amazing..

Earl Guarin says:

how to order the product

Dawn B says:

This looks heavy in your hand

i-RAY iconic says:

How many hours we can use in a day? Can a pro use it for commercial use?

Dragos Design says:

nothing better than someone who does not speak English to hold a product presentation in English

Muneer says:

Looks very handy And simple to use , how much current it take from elrctrical socket input power?

Seifix Network says:

Tech is evolving

Emmanuel Simango says:

What's the price

Алексей Гордиенко says:

Интересно есть отзывы реально купивших

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