3 Secrets HVAC Contractors Don't Want You to Know!

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There are secrets in every trade and business. I reveal some that we see in our HVAC business with the hope you can avoid one of these issues if they ever arise. I think most folks that do what we do are good and honest, but there are enough of the shiesty ones that give the rest a bad name.
So if you see one of these tactics performed in your home, you’ll know something is up or off with the HVAC technician you’ve welcomed into your home.

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0:07 Intro – Some HVAC techs hate me
1:31 Beginning of the 3 secrets
1:37 First Secret – Companies gouging because they’re busy
3:48 Second Secret – Batteries in thermostats to malfunction
6:44 Third Secret – Contractor lying about HVAC warranty coverage
8:37 Bring on the HVAC Haters
8:58 Wrap up: We’d love to earn your business!

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Steve Leriger says:

We are in the "Land of the Wolve" Be on point or die.

Jerry Phillips says:

We don’t change our prices based on volume but I hold nothing against those companies that do. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s simple supply and demand.

Yibadouai Napon says:

Are you from Massachusetts?

Arlyn Smith says:

I just stumbled onto your channel and I love it! I am always curious about mechanical things and will be in need of a new system within a couple of years and I appreciate you!

Stephanie DeLeon says:

Thank you so much for putting this information out there! 🙂

iRon HVAC says:

Good information is not hate. Those that disagree are not necessarily haters. Capitalism as a free market economy usually decides price. Buyer do your homework and be aware.

Odigul says:

Oh! You're not far from me. Do you do work in Hampton? I don't need anything right now as I just fixed the issue myself but I never wanna do it again. Haha 😄

youraverageJoe says:

You taking money 💰 out my pocket chump, don't tell people our secrets!!! What the heck is wrong with you?? I gotta pay for my Benz someway, dang bro 😪

Mr Smith says:

Whats the best coil cleaner to use?

Grumpy OldMan says:

Im the kinda contractor that believes in being straight up with customers, dont bs them or try to dont lie to them and stop tryin to gouge the crap out of them with outrageous pricing. I get so many recommendations thrown my way from past customers and in a small town area that means far more than making a bunch off one customer and they never call you again.

Marie Allen says:

Thank you for your honesty the truth will set us all free

The Dangler says:

Yup, it’s the price people pay in the name of free market which creates loopholes and white collar crimes. Learn how to do everything yourself, screw hicks and trump, and dump patriotic white man bullshit

K Bengson says:

Daikin mini splits say the warranty is not valid if you buy the unit online, we'll use Amazon as the retailer. I called Daikin two different days and spoke to two different people about the warranty. One said for the warranty to be honored it had to come from a Daikin HVAC dealer and installed by a "Licensed Daikin Tech" (not just a licensed HVAC tech). The second person told me if you buy it online the warranty will be honored as long as a licensed HVAC tech installs it. Do you know what the real truth is for the Daikin mini splitswarranty and buying the unit online? TY

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