30 Minutes Of Amazing Continous Production Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before #11

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30 Minutes Of Amazing Continous Production Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before #11

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Spirit Man 505 says:

I could watch this 27/7!

Redblade says:

Machine Daily
I know idiots like you can't seem to live without some kind of mental, beating noise going on all the time, but can't you just let it go for once and let us hear the machinery instead?

Cat Clark says:

It would be great to watch the full process of most of these. Because they are so short, it's hard to appreciate what's happening and you're just left with questions as to what a lot of them actually are, or are doing.

psychiatry is eugenics says:

4:56 wonder why they don’t get the masks right

RODALCO2007 says:

Interesting machines and the making of products. Some people on the production line have a terrible repetitive job, and have to work at a pretty fast speed.

Arivonil Banack says:

arivonil banack

Kevs Build says:

Poor quality video in places, and sometimes no idea what the actual process is and the machines should provide the audio.

Justin D Allen says:

Rockin video, thanks MD, keep 'em comin.

The Man Called X says:

This would be watchable without the shitty music

Liam Fox says:

Truely.. the industrial revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for mankind.

Paul West says:

U people are amazing and good 👍

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John Poole says:

Love it but, whjy do you show the same thing twice, we know how to back up it we need to see it again.

David Fitcher says:

Imagine working ina factoy like this every fucking day, that's hell

Jieneng Industrial Steam Cleaning Machine - Mila says:

OBLB7066 says:

No freaking music please.

Michael Mouse says:

Machine Daily… a tip!… if you don't know what the machine is doing please don't guess… it makes you look very stupid 🤐

al birdie says:

the most unfortunate thing is we dont need any of that stuff, and the quality is ever dropping

Linda Robeson says:

Chúc anh luôn sức khỏe và hát cho chúng em nghe nhé

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