30 Minutes Of Amazing Continuous Production Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before

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30 Minutes Of Amazing Continuous Production Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before

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Jerry Lively says:

Click bait- garbage video !!!

Pashka Xappog says:

Кто ждал тётку с заставки: вас наебали. 😂

Pashka Xappog says:

один и тот же ботинок два раза показали.

Эдуард Правдин says:

Хорошая пена, после намыливания из ВМВ делает ауди.


Where is she ???

revolutionpm says:

2:03…………F' the Rain Forest….!

Kewekolou Thopi says:

With little you are faithful come enter…..🌝 anyway never fail to empress us you are gods…..😅

Zack says:

Who came here because of the thumbnail? Raise your hand ✋😁

Love Of Christ says:

To be quite honest with you this video is very boring I’m not impressed trust me I see a lot harder work here in the United States of America and made with 1000 times better quality. And also some of the other items that they showing here so what their boring video is boring throw it away do something else specially with the title what it says. And anybody that’s listening out there Jesus Christ the only true God and Lord and Savior of the human race is coming very soon so repent so you can be saved and not wind up in the lake of fire with the devil and all his evil angels. God bless the true believers of Jesus Christ I love you my brothers and sisters so repent come over to Christianity not some fat guy sitting eating at Chinese buffet. ✝️✝️✝️

Александр Посашков says:

Где баба голая? Держи жалобу.

scott3708 says:

Really wish they would quit with the click bait though, very annoying.

Александр Бирюков says:

у меня такие же навесы в шкафе новом холостяк только один уже сломалься и незнаю как его отремонтировать может ноый придеться покупать

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