30 Minutes Of Amazing Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before #2

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30 Minutes Of Amazing Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before #2

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あばれうしどり・1時間前 says:

3:20 これ怖すぎ

Gh Gh says:

Nice working factories around world..

Bichito Fakhoff says:

classic music in 98 % production videos. clap clap clap clap clap- first one.

Chris Wilkinson says:

You start repeating yourself in the end why ???????

Mario Hector Serrano says:

¿Porqué en mi país 🇦🇷 Argentina , no instalan ésas indústrias u otras más , al contrario de dar subsídios creando gente sin interés por trabajar e infinidades de gente autónoma vendiendo cosas por la calle ? . Mucha Salud .

Eyedentity says:

:10 “working with hot iron”. No $hit, Sherlock!

1:36 “metal cutting” . You did it again, Watson.

3:05 “print picture on the cup” Nailed it!!!

dave davis says:

glad i have a mute button

unmuki says:

2;43 daylight radiator

MUSiC says:

And almost all of China

Guy Barrailler says:

Fausse miniature !😡

жорж милославский says:

Да когда то и в России так было, теперь ни чего нет

Elisabeth Barden says:

TFW you make an interesting video. Then completely destroy it with garbage music.

ْعۦۦٰ۫لآۣۅۅۧيۣۖ ْ٭ ْ٭ ْ ْ٭ ْ٭ ْ says:


Pinky Ghost says:

so… the last 5 minutes is just repeat of some of the videos from earlier in this video…

Haxorzist says:

I don't like seeing hands close to opening and closing machines because I know that amputation is only a question of time and that the particular operation could be easily automated.

Anthony Quintana says:

id be more into watching the videos if they included the ORIGINAL audio and not some stupid music

Richard says:

Thumbs down for the clickbait thumbnail and stupid title.

Neil Anblomi says:

Cool stuff, Love the Music too. Thanks

Ed ‘S says:

Too many repeats

Ed ‘S says:

Some of these are so badly mislabeled but it is entertaining to watch the processes.

Rob MacGregor says:

What the music got to do with. Some people got nothing better to do than find trivial fault and whine.

Reggie Ramjet says:

So who made the executive decision that this "music" is just what our video has been lacking. We need to incorporate it immediately.

Patrick Riarchy says:

I think that machine was making radiator cores or maybe foils for a turbine?.

Mert Tuncer says:

8:20 sklaven arbeit

Lens Lens says:

You must see this video on x0.25 speed to understand

someparts says:

24:09 voting machines in Georgia.

someparts says:

I always wondered what happened to all that backing music that Eddie Murphy was going to use on later albums.

Fred Flintstone says:

Absolutely not Morrison. If Kunis is over 18, you are on the bench.

Sir Unpleasant says:

Feel free not to add music. Fucking horrid

Dalorath says:

Lots of repeat clips…..

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