30 Minutes Of Amazing Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before

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30 Minutes Of Amazing Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before

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Mix Gledson Mix says:

Vídeo satisfatório

Ed Obrien says:

Love the use of flip flops in these hazardous environments. Lol

Ed Obrien says:

Most if not all of those jobs would have been done in the United States if not for politicians who have sold us out over the years.

MrChuckles says:

Just a whole bunch of random clips thrown together, no explanation what half of them are. Pretty poor

Göktuğ taşcı says:

Çok iyi bir video

Marcus Brown says:

Come on with that goofy music. The sound of the machine please🤣

Adam Turner says:

I'm now craving McDonalds and, I don't know why? 🤣

kim scott says:

Kênh này mỗi lần coi là cuốn luôn

Amanda Maravi says:

Chị hướng dẫn bài Hà Lan đi chị mây ❤️

FACT 3200 says:

Excellent videos! Terribly IRRITATING background music!!!!

Colorado Mountain Man says:

Was going great until about 2:43 whereas you just had to insert some annoying, irritating, and distracting background "music" which ruined the video. Don't know why so many YouTube posters opt to ruin their videos this way.

Robert Fish says:

The video was great but the music sucks. Let’s hear the machinery.

AMS Buzinha says:

Manufacturing is going to make America # 2 to China. American politician's don't care that their destroying AMERICA.

Mario Hector Serrano says:

Ésto es lo que debería existir en mi país 🇦🇷 Argentina , al contrario de subsídios , FÁBRICAS Y EMPLEOS , para que cada Argentino se gane su dinero con su trabajo . Y comprar menos de los otros . Mucha Salud .

Larry Morgan says:

What impresses me more than the manufacturing would be the people that designed and built these machines.

Kuwulski says:

Delicious thumbnail

Amazing machines says:

Always Amazing..

Pieter I. du Plessis says:

Great show but what is happening at the different operations????

ScarabChris says:

Love these videos. But I wish there would be a description of the item being made. Some are obvious like the pots, pans, forks, bolts, nuts, eye glasses, various brackets and clamps, etc. But for example. What is this at 3:26 , 3:58 and 6:00 just to name a few.

Jinao SEIKI says:

Many practical homemade devices

Clandestino says:

Вроде все машины делают, но почему все китайское такого дерьмового качества?

Wassie XOXO says:

I have no idea what most of these are.

R J says:

No music please.

정혜숙 says:

필요한부분 기계가 다양하다. 수출과 수입을 보고 하세요

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