4 in 1 Multi (TIG) Welding Machine And Plasma Cutter – Stahlwerk AC/DC TIG 200 pulse cut ST | Test

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AC-DC TIG Welder And Plasma cutter

I bought it from: https://www.welding-machines.com/?swa=j18cj77fh54de

You can get it here: https://www.welding-machines.com/acdc-tig-pulse-plasma-200st?swa=j18cj77fh54de

Unboxing and testing 4-in-1 combination welding machine “Stahlwerk AC/DC TIG 200 pulse with plasma ST”
-TIG / WIG AC/DC welder (HF ignition start, pulse function)
-Plasma Cutter
-MMA / Stick welder
Inverter type machine (IGBT)

0:00 – Unboxing and assembly
3:26 – Plasma Cutting (1mm, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 18mm Steel)
8:05 – DC TIG Welding Steel (Pre-Flow, Post-Flow, Down Slope, Pulse Function)
16:30 – AC TIG Welding Aluminum (AC Frequency, Cleaning)
17:50 – MMA / Stick Welding

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Dave wallace says:

The Stahlwerk range use mosfets as opposed to the more reliable igbt's and do not last long. I have owned a multi-process one and it died within 6 months.

Abdul wali Khan says:

Please tell the price

Etri Riza says:

Berapa harga nya 4 multi pungsi

tapeçaria bueno says:

me passa o link

tapeçaria bueno says:

onde eu compro

Welding in Love Healing says:

Demo mesin yang cukup bagus dan detail fungsi yang baik . . Terimakasih

Dmitrii Corniencov says:

Здравствуйте , кто производитель данного аппарата , Китай или родной Немец ?

Albert Guadan says:

How much is it how much does it cost

Eliecer Espinoza says:

Creo que deben incluir el precio en el anuncio

腹我立造 says:


Muhammad Kutai Sedulang says:

Amazing Machine ..

Kavuma Steven says:

How are you boss how can i get that machine in Uganda or Rwanda

Andrew Kim says:

how much is it? Can I buy it in Korea?

Raghu Maany Raghu Maany says:

How much cost

Jonatas Vasques says:

Será que já tem aqui no Brasil

ณรงค์ สะการัญ says:


Adrian Malave says:

Muy bien el vídeo pero tienes q explicar q tipo de máquina q espesor de hierro puede cortar usa gas o es sin gas solo aire y electricidad

Red Bull says:

There's something about this machine without using gas when cutting

Agustinus Wungo says:

Mesin itu harga berapa yah bos….

J Suparman says:

State of the art class WELDING MACHINE. Amazing!


Stahlwerk-Универсальный солдат.

Blank Sax says:

Ni canel is still being taken care of or not??

Blank Sax says:

Please answer my question please

Blank Sax says:

what gas do you use for the plasma cutter??

Viziru Marius says:

Vă rog frumos oferiții răspuns

Viziru Marius says:

Al 4 procedeu care este

Viziru Marius says:

Cartea tehnică are tradus corect și în limba română?

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