4 Types of Welding Explained: MIG vs TIG vs Stick vs Flux Core

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The 1,000 foot view of the most common welding processes.

All of the different welding processes and acronyms can be really confusing. In this video, I go over the following:

0:00 Intro
0:40 Stick Welding (Shielded Metal Arc Welding – SMAW)
4:00 Flux Core Arc Welding – FCAW
5:58 MIG Welding (Gas Metal Arc Welding – GMAW)
7:45 TIG Welding (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding – GTAW)

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Christian Paul Roldan says:

I like to learn welding but i dont like stick welding. . They make shits after welding, looks messy.

Viseral_Notion says:

What is the best means of welding indoor with minimal ventilation?

Peter Karel Kraus says:

I've heard of arc welding, I've never heard of stick or rod welding.


As usual another awesome video, You get To the point easy to understand. I've learned a bunch watching ALOT of yours. thank you.

Philipp Martin says:

Great video. Thank you.

Boogie Woogie says:

Nice arc bro 😋

Piri Hern says:

Just found this. Very well explained. Just got a harbor freight 125 flux titanium welder. Never welded anything. Retired diyer. Work on maintaining my vehicles

Major_Souptime says:

im 12 and welded my first thing today, it was scary tbh i was making a dustpan for my mom

okcguy 405 says:

Thanks for the education! I knew nothing about welding. Nor did I know there were many types that weld.

Young2287 Young says:

I was taught stick welding calling it tack welding

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