5 CLEVER Electrical Tricks Everyone Should Know

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Here are 5 clever electrical tips, tricks and hacks that everyone should know! See if there are any here that are new to you! #homehacks #electrical #tipsandtricks

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• 75 Pc UL Listed Wago 221 Lever Nuts: https://geni.us/J7R1D
• 81 Pc Lever Nut Kit: https://geni.us/el6r
• 141 pc Lever Wire Nut Connector Kit: https://geni.us/52Bd
• Heat Shrink Tubing Kit: https://geni.us/YqN9azW
• Replacement 3 Prong Plug: https://geni.us/PBbJd
• Replacement 2 Prong Plug: https://geni.us/dcF2bmu
• Heavy Duty 3 Prong Plug Replacement: https://geni.us/ZYXsQ
• 250 PCS Heat Shrink Wire Connectors: https://geni.us/ZNeQBs
• Vise-Grip Universal Wire Stripper: https://geni.us/MMoEuJ
• Generic Universal Wire Strippers that seem nicer than the Vise-Grips: https://geni.us/dbXL8
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00:00 #5: Ditch the Twist Connectors
01:43 #4: A Strong Fix for Cut Wire
02:57 #3: Don’t Toss That Broken Cord
05:03 #2: Always Work With the Grain
07:24 #1: The New Wire Strippers Are Here


Joe McLain says:

Man, a lot of guys having to prove themselves superior here. Thanks for the vid! I may go to some sort of electricians purgatory, but I really like the wagu connectors & like the universal strippers instead of using a knife to cut the outer romex sheathing. You guys on YT have saved me thousands of dollars & untold frustration so very much appreciate you putting out helpful info.

pyromethious says:

Do the replacement plugs not come in a smaller size? They use so much space on an outlet

james spaulding says:

25 year electrician here, tio #5……. twist the wires together clockwise. Then you know you have a proper connection. Then use a wire nut and twist it securely. The other connectors have a tendency to have one or more of the toggles getting undone in a full junction box.

ṚӭḽẳӂŮ〆 says:

Sometimes it better to do things the right way rather than “ another way “

Cliff M says:

Do they make lever nuts for aluminum wire? Many homes here from the 70's have AL. A fire hazard!

Adam Black says:

81 piece lever nuts linked are not UL listed and do not comply with NEC requirements

Robert says:

Sharing the universal wire strippers first would've proven the point a bit more. I'm not an electrician so I wasn't even aware of these and now want one. I appreciate the professional comments from viewers but can't help but feel bad by how this guy was picked apart.


Love how he uses the tool he tells you to give up 2 minutes into the video lol

Shad O says:

Thank you for posting this, its people that follow your instructions that bring more business to Certified Electricians.

Your smugness of Wagos, shows your lack of experience working with them. Marretts are residential/commercial standard for a reason. Wagos take up box space, short out in damp locations and are falsely rated for Amperage. They have just come into Canada in last 10 years and I have had half a dozen call out for repairs, that were Wago caused. Cap it, solder it, crimp it.

Your "Wire knot" is illegal in Canada.

Your strippers are great for a work bench and THATS IT.

Ben Weston says:

And that's not how you land a stranded wire

Ben Weston says:

This guy shouldn't be giving advise

Ben Weston says:

Are you a licensed electrician?

Jelte Huizinga says:

The lever nuts you used in this video are already oldschool. The transparent/orange wire clamps from WAGO are way better and give you a virtual confirmation of a good connection 🙂

Fuzzy_Bear says:

And don't forget, when using the universal strippers, angle them at 45° on the first cut. Not an electrician, but listen to the one we hire at our building when we need major work done. I also ask him questions.

8856gio says:

He's needs to go back to Home Depot

looleyeh says:

Great work and superb videos that have taught me a lot – Thank you so much :)👍

Hex says:

Stopped watching after he said to use wagos over wirenuts lol

Tony F says:

really? literally nothing you have show saves either time or money…

anonymous says:

I love, love, love how you don't waste time with some moronic music video introduction but get straight to the point of the video. Excellent!

Dev Guy says:

tip #2 was really handy for when you don't have a soldering iron around, or other connectors.

Wayne John says:

Great video! Good info! Think wirenuts will always be more popular because levernuts take up way too much space in the box. Wirenuts although they take more skill to twist the wire to cap it off are more compact and can fit nicely in most boxes.

dennis sandell says:

tip number 4 uses the tool you told us to get rid of to trim the wires….DAH Did you not watch your own video

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