5 Electrical Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

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These are my very favorite tools to use when doing DIY electrical work! I love them all! #diy #electrical #ilovetools

• 5 CLEVER Electrical Tricks Everyone Should Know: https://youtu.be/9hlo87E_GdQ
• 6 MISTAKES DIYers Make When Wiring Outlets: https://youtu.be/XmiG4KzZ4sg
• 4 Minute Fix for Damaged Power Cord / Plug Replacement: https://youtu.be/ms6hsfH6Ba8

• Klein Tools Dual Range Non Contact Voltage Tester (paid link): https://geni.us/3OAWB
• Klein Tools NCVT2PKIT Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Receptacle Tester, 12-48V AC or 48 – 1000V AC Dual Range for Broad Application (paid link): https://geni.us/WoCG
• Klein Digital Circuit Breaker Finder with Accessory Kit (Much cheaper on Amazon) (paid link): https://geni.us/dz33y
• Milwaukee Insulated Driver Set (Paid aff link): https://homedepot.sjv.io/JrdLkq
• Doyle Insulated Driver Set: https://geni.us/CZnB
• Klein 15-in-1 Electrical Driver (Paid aff link): https://geni.us/NijwBk
• CRAFTSMAN Linesman Pliers, 8-Inch (Paid link): https://geni.us/T8T0yC
• Klein Tools, 8-Inch Side Cutters, High Leverage Lineman’s Pliers Cut Copper, Aluminum and other Soft Metals (paid link): https://geni.us/iprBFNj
• Klein Tools 11061 Wire Stripper / Wire Cutter for Solid and Stranded AWG Wire, Heavy Duty Kleins are Self Adjusting (paid link): https://geni.us/ca2TNr
• Klein Traditional 6-in-1 Wire Stripper (Paid aff link): https://geni.us/mNBlKk4
• KNIPEX Tools – Automatic Wire Stripper, 10-24 AWG (paid link): https://geni.us/8KKhlY
• WAGO 75 Pcs Wire Connectors, 221 Series Lever-Nuts Assortment with Case (paid link): https://geni.us/IvJa8
• 350pcs Electrical Wire Connectors Nuts Colorful Wire Caps Kit Twist Caps Nuts Assortment for Quick Connection (paid link): https://geni.us/4vGVR
• Ginsco 580 pcs 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing Kit 6 Colors 11 Sizes Assorted Sleeving Tube Wrap Cable Wire Kit for DIY (paid link): https://geni.us/RZhd3C
• Electrical Connectors, 520pcs Insulated Wire Terminals Lug Set Crimp Cable Connection Mixed Ring Spade Butt Quick Disconnect Assortment Kit for Home (Paid link): https://geni.us/fiuFnzy
• Klein Tools RT250 GFCI Receptacle Tester with LCD Display, for Standard 3-Wire 120V Electrical Outlets (Paid link): https://geni.us/6hAk
• Klein Tools MM400 Multimeter, Digital Auto Ranging, AC/DC Voltage, Current, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty-Cycle, Diode, Continuity, Temp 600V (paid link): https://geni.us/L1bIsp
•Milwaukee Fastback Flip Utility Knife 2 Piece Set with Razor Blade Dispenser (50 Blades Included) (Paid link): https://geni.us/BmxU
•Klein Tools 32561 Multi-Bit Screwdriver / Nut Driver, 6-in-1 Stubby Screwdriver with 2 Phillips, 2 Slotted Bits, 2 Nut Drivers (paid link): https://geni.us/3Ct8fh
• Permanent Markers Variety Pack, Featuring fine, Ultra fine, and Chisel Point Markers, Black, 6 (paid link): https://geni.us/nBF5EA
• MagnoGrip 002-412 10-Pocket Magnetic Tool Pouch with Belt, Black (paid link): https://geni.us/TwOa3wB
• Klein Tools 1001 Multi Tool, Wire Stripper, Wire Cutters, Crimper Tool for 8-22 AWG, Multi-Purpose Electrician Tool is 8.5-Inch Long (paid link): https://geni.us/m9XQo
• Milwaukee 48-22-3079 6-In-One Combination Wire Stripping and Reaming Pliers for Electricians, 2 Pack (paid link): https://geni.us/IVUcE

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Major Pygge-Phartt says:

Make sure you use some eye protection before snapping off the blade ends from the "snap off" knife.

Major Pygge-Phartt says:

Beware! In my experience of "non-contact" voltage testers they tend not to last very long and soon start giving dangerously wrong indications, and it's not due to flat batteries either.

D P says:

I just want to know where you got the baby hand @ 5:48. It should be helpful to avoid shocking yourself by direct contact.

John Blankenship says:

I bought one of the "universal" wire strippers years ago, (80's?) and at that time, they were called a "California tool", don't ask me why, I don't know but we called them simply a "Caltool". They are indeed the best wire strippers on the market!

Patrick S says:

I most definitely could have use that Klein Circuit Breaker Finder yesterday. Took me over 20 mins to figure out what breaker controlled an outlet in my kitchen. I kept switching off all the breakers that were marked Kitchen, Lights, microwave, disposal etc but there was still power to this one outlet that I definitely needed to change. I finally plugged in a shop light with an extra long cord on it into that outlet and placed the light as close as I could to the door leading out to my garage where the breaker panel was. One by one I turned off each breaker until the light went out. Go figure it was one of the few unmarked breakers in my panel which I thought went to some of my outside outlets. Needless to say, it isn't unmarked anymore. What a pain. Wasted way too much time walking in and out of the garage and into the kitchen. I will be purchasing this tool so this doesn't happen again. Thanks for the video.

John Valenta says:

Hi Nils, Could you recommend the best stud finder? Thanks, John in NC

vgopal t says:

Circuit Breaker Tester/Locator Good tool for easy falt find in the circuit :)🙌

Same way 🙂 Do we have any tool to findout running pipe line in side the wall for electric wires ? …🤝 Thanks in advance 🙏

Ben Berza says:

Thank you interesting information

Rafael Garcia says:

Adonde puedo encontrar esas herramientas

100%VG says:

I like the Klein Tools 80016 Circuit Breaker Finder Tool! It can easily identify which circuit breaker (or fuse, if one still has them) will protect each outlet in every room. I say "each outlet in every room" because some rooms in older buildings have more than one breaker or fuse and both of those same breakers or fuses can protect outlets in 2 different rooms, sometimes with only one room in common between them. One could also use the alligator clips to check which ones protect switches, which can also vary in the same switch box panel.

I have the Katapult style of wire strippers in two sizes to cover most gauges and while I can see where the Universal Wire Stripper has its conveniences, I haven't needed to replace mine yet. Maybe one day with the Tacklife MWS02 Self Adjusting Wire Stripper, if I can find them. Amazon is out right now. Actually, an Amazon search for Tacklife brings up nothing.

Stewart KK7DIN says:

The issue with the multi tool at the end is that a tool that does many things does each one worse than many tools that do only one thing. As a professional, licensed electrician, I prefer to use single use tools because while they do only one job, they do them REALLY well. I end up wasting less time by having the tool I know will work instead of struggling to get the multi tool to do exactly what I need it to do. Multi tools are great for keeping weight down in your bags, but may not do the job as well as you hope it would, and may end up costing you time. Just food for thought.

David Homan says:

I have another version of the Milwaukee knife that has a Phillips driver that folds out.
But my knife part doesn’t flip open or shut nearly as fast. I’m pushing the button in all the way, but after 2 years it still only opens or shuts 1/2 way, and then I have to use my other hand to complete the action. I suppose I could loosen up the screws a little bit and see what happens.

Bernard Charlesworth says:

Would like to add circuit breaker lock

Keo gk says:

Need to add a good flashlight

Christopher Elliott says:

The 12VAC range on the non-contact tester can be useful for checking standard doorbell wiring. But with those lines, don't just use the 12VAC setting. Check the higher setting to verify that line voltage is NOT on those wires, and then use the 12VAC setting to see if something (the expected 12-24VAC) is there.

Han Wagu says:

the digital circuit braker detector is gold. the stamped wire strippers are terrible and they should stop making them, since people who use them tend to damage the conductor(s).

Erin Tyres says:

3:30 Those jaws in the back can pinch your fingers. I hate my lineman's pliers.

Dan Alaniz says:

This is an excellent review/demo. Thanks!

Dirtyharry70585 says:

Milwaukee makes multiple color markers.

David B says:

What was the click bate pic.

James Holbrook says:

His list is insane basically 2 wire stripers one does a little more but makes the other one almost obsolete and put a circuit tracer on but not a multimeter

Tony Rosso says:

Next video, have a counter for every time you say “particular”. 😀

Joe Shepler says:

This is terrible layperson advice. But, I'll give you an interaction.

Carl Kokay says:

Stop playing at being an amature sparky

Ted Marena says:

Hi @lrn2diy – I would love a show about tools made in USA. I'd like to buy tools like adjustable wire strippers, insulated screwdrivers, etc that are made in USA. Can you make that video please?

Joseph Plummer says:

The outlet tester came in very handy for me. Something with my electricity was not right. I plugged in the tested and it was showing 106 volts. Went to neighbors and had same results. Called the electric company and they had to make adjustments at the sub station.

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