5 Must have Sheet Metal Tools

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The five sheet metals I believe you must have.

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Sara V says:

Thank you for the great video. It kindda takes the fear away from using tools 🙂

JLTSoft says:

Came across this video while contemplating using some sheet metal for my jet sim cockpit I am going to build. This video gave me the confidence to go for it! Thanks for the video.

10 gauge shots says:

Have u ever tryed malco or midwest snips

Daniel Bruenning says:

I have no background in using metal tools. 🙁 I want to put about a half-inch lip bend to a round cymbol. Is there a tool I could try to do this? Many thanks. Another broke bastard.

Is-ChiTown-Rael says:

Great job brother I would buy the hammers just cause people love to tell you what want or dont work for them cause people love to control others or make things harder for the next person. I dont understand but this is my opinion alot of people are always trying to COMPETE, when all some people are trying to do is keep things as simple as can be for their families or in their own lives. Yahuah will barrack(bless) you for this for helping someone, in the name of Yahusha so be it SHALOM ta ya.

Gouken 89 says:

Nice gloves

Ward Cleaver says:

Broke bastard i subbed

John Marquez says:

Man it's the little tips people don't know about.. thank you for teaching us!

Raleigh says:

good video, but can you velcro the glove it is killing me.

iraq resitance says:

My greeting from iraq

Trdflorida 20 says:

Thanks man! I just started my career! This is helpful!

Bad Kujo says:

I see you have ear-pro, so I can tell that you care about safety. It surprises me that you aren't wearing gloves while cutting sheet metal by hand however. You had a near miss when you finish that right hand radial cut. You should see if you can partner with a brand and see if you can't have the gloves benefit you as a sponsor somehow.

I'm a team lead (and welder) in a factory setting and I have seen plenty of hand injuries, some permanent. Please wear gloves. If not for yourself, do it for the young people who watch this content.

joe fargo says:

Never used yellows…dont need them….reds can cut straight if you know how 2 uae them…

Stephen Sajle says:

Invest in some Midwest tin snips.. those Wiss snips you have are terrible

Cody says:

Yellows are for the trash can

ozzynomicon says:

Just gotta say bro. Your stuff is dope. Found my new dude. I learn by watching. Youtube is great when we have people like you and tips for what you would do in a situation.

ozzynomicon says:

Starting over or redoing takes up alot of time. Im a Welder-Fabricator at my job. So im semi experienced at this stuff. But i have been debating on building my own rat rod from scratch.

Ken Noland says:

Wiss tin snips are the best. I've used many brands but none ever compare to Wiss.

Pastor Aaron says:

New sub you have a good channel your video on mall Crawlers got it👍🤙

Dwayne Lejeune says:

Great tips
Did not know bout the hand benders

jeff snyder says:

Great info Thanks!!!

Matt The Scrap Whisperer says:

Instead of the traditional aviation style tin snips, I recommend lever snips. They come in left and right like regular snips, but the lower jaw is flat and glides much better under the sheet stock as you cut. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/lever-snips-9l-tin-offset-cutting-405733564 I've had a set in my tool box for over 40 years and swear by them.

Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee says:

What gauge sheet metal are you cutting same as needed for patch panels

Mikeyhunts says:

Great video. Thanks BBG.

John Brink says:

I would be interested in seeing your take on rivets and rivet guns.

Shane Wright says:

Great job and video 👍👍🇨🇱

Wayne's Garage says:

Hey mate we don't have them hand brakes you showed in Australia something I've been trying to find over here

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