5 Things to consider before becoming an HVAC Service Tech🔥❄

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Join me on my way home from a service call as I discuss several (5) things that must be pondered, considered, and evaluated within yourself as you look into HVAC Service as a vocation or career choice. I discuss some of the tougher, or more “negative” aspects to this life as well as some inherent characteristics that will certainly lend itself to someone looking into this field.

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SuperRandom says:

The best techs I know never talk about work on social media. I mean these men are in conversation of some of the best of the best, but you’d never know they’re in this trade if you didn’t know them personally lol.

Jasin Lee says:

As a helper I learned that ain't no messing around when the job gets real, meaning paying attention and know your measurements, study hard and put the game controller down. Learning how to speak when too and be quick with your thinking. Clean as you go and have tools on you. Believe in yourself and make it a passion.

Bumslightrail says:

I really wanna get into this field. But everybody keeps on saying that the schedule is fucked. I keep on seeing people say that you miss holidays and birthdays. Is it really like that? I don’t wanna work on holidays.


Great video bro keep them coming and stay safe out there 👍🏻

Daniel O'Loughlin says:

Once i heard the minimal socializing I said “Fck yeah!” Still a highschool student looking at the trades. Always chose business classes in my highschool like accounting, marketing, and sales. These business classes were the most boring painful thing ive ever sat through. Then my dad told me about the trsdes and I decided to look more seriously into it because he said if he could have done anything in his life, he would have done the trades. Hes worked at a bank for 20 years and absolutely hates it and told me to never work in a bank so ill take his advice 😂

Chaith Dridi says:

How can you describe that the job is challenging physically? Is it that you need to lift heavyweights or because you will be up running on your feet the hole day?and for the part of lifting do you need to lift 50kg or more alone? Im asking these questions because I'm planning to do career shifting and I things these details are important to me to know and thank too everyone how can answer my questions

imtypingwords 41 says:

8-10 hours a day is what I dream of. And working on days!

Kumar Brown says:

How do you overcome the fear of crawl-spaces and anything inside of there! Also, is it common to tell customers, ''look , there's a rat in your crawlspace or racoon, please call a professional exterminator and i'll come back.'' Or is it just go in and hope it all works out between you and the wild thing.


Thank you I’m in my last class forHVAC after that started to work

Kurt Wiebe says:

Went to school for this stuff. Have a G2 gas licence but no experience other than schooling. How do i get into the trade? Southwest ontario canada

Billy Flanagan says:

In the trade for 35 years as a chiller mechanic I've learned that alot of times the apprentices know more than I do because there working with different people every day learning new things

David Brown says:

I was thinking about be a hvac apprentice but honestly to me life and family is more important then having a better title. I work third in a warehouse so I don't have to pay daycare and on Saturdays I deliver dominos. Both jobs together I have 58300 last year. 49 hrs a week. I might just keep doing this. As long as food is on the table and I can se my family ill just do this. Still make a good living…

tatum williams says:

I did not see the Mario magnets till you pointed them out but they are infact badass af

bmp says:

Love being alone so this is for me

Sergio González says:

Im preparing to join usmc too i had a feeling u were specifically a marine

Bob Eslami says:

how long does it take to become a part-time hvac technician

Jacob Jacob says:

I absolutely love those mario stickers

Funtime Production says:

Totally dig the Mario magnets . Rock on dude for a family short film search:
Cat movie Smokey joe vs evil Santa in a battle for home

The Trusty Tradesman says:

Great video. It inspired me to make one on my channel. Thanks man!

Walter Rifle says:

Easy compared to a Wrecker operator.

Fernando Reyes says:

Be ready to be on-call. You don’t know what that is? Think of it as unwanted overtime lolz

oidodsonido says:

why you stopped posting dude!! you had good content

Daniel Maluenda says:

never seen a hairier arm lol

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