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Jim shares the 8 tools he used the most over his 48 years of plumbing. These tools are a plumber’s essential tools. See links below to purchase from Amazon.

Keep your toolbox simple with these essential plumbing tools every home plumber needs. Plus, ditch the plunger for a closet auger. Links are below to Jim’s favorite brands on Amazon. Purchasing using these links helps Jim take his grandkids out for ice cream.

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8 Plumbing Tools You Need for Home
1. Tongue and groove pliers by Channel Lock (size 430) https://amzn.to/3xyZtdM
2. Ridgid Basin Wrench https://amzn.to/3d3XCV4
3. Set of deep sockets metric and American https://amzn.to/3E9GQ2s
4. Klein nut driver 7 piece set hollow shaft https://amzn.to/3rkVsIN
5. Klein screwdriver set https://amzn.to/3xAKiRm
6. Allen wrench sets American and metric https://amzn.to/3D5azs4
7. Closet auger: 3 ft Ridgid Toilet Auger https://amzn.to/3cZlNUD
8. Pipe Wrenches 12” Aluminum https://amzn.to/3D2o37X and 14″ Aluminum https://amzn.to/3li4Xoc (iron is lower price but heavier)

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Truth B Known says:

Got all of those tools, but need to put them all in one place.

Tom Dale says:

Douglass Pliers P-813 P (10 inch) bought thru Jones Stephens, for me the, "Quintessential" Plumber's pliers not so much for screwing pipe together but when the situation calls for sq jaws that easily tighten or loosen slip joint nuts(those are plastic now on most pvc p-traps) still have them and use them since I started in the trade in 1976, another tool that I carry with me but I hardly use is a 6' folding wooden rule made by Lufkins

dwd dwd says:

you also want a set of Torx star bits to go along with your Allen wrenches


I apoligize for this question but you may be the best one to ask because of your decades of experience. For the past 5 years, my basement gets 20-30 waterbugs( 3 times the size of the usual roach). I have finally sealed all the molding, cracks in cement walls, and sealed where all the pipining enters the house. I still got a couple of bugs this month. The only source of entry could be the shower drain. The holes in the drain cover are large enough for a waterbug to pass through. Could water bugs live in the sewer line ? I thought it was a closed system. The U trap filled with water at the end of the sewer line (before it enters the city sewer) sealing the line closed and bugs wouldn't be able to live in the pipe or enter it?

Rick Lee says:

You forgot the plumber's phone number in case you're getting a real jam

okiedoak201 says:

Your forgot a good set of wrenches…open end/box end

Herb says:

As an "old guy" & DIY Good starter on the tool set. I got my first pipe wrench back in 1976. Basin wrench after replacing a faucet with a crescent wrench and hating every minute about 30 years ago. They work so much better! I've only used them a couple of times, but worth every dime. The others; a lot. I use Klein & Milwaukee tools; us old guys have gained a little wisdom along the way.

1 2 says:

Great tips, but wasn't grumpy. Unsubscribed!

shnuggumz says:

Thanks to Jim for another useful video. New condo owner doing lots of DIY in this 1990's dwelling. We've got a small, rounded bowl toil – didn't know a toilet could be this small, but my kindergartner likes it. This toilet gets clogged A LOT with solid waste!!! Sadly, a plunger doesn't always cut it. My question for Jim is this… how do you plumbers handle keep these types of tools after a dirty task? Throw it in a plastic bag or something? Then, how do you clean/sanitize after each use? Augers, plungers, whatever you have to snake into a mess…Maybe you skip that second part? Very curious about the after use part of the jobs.

ACoustaDC says:

Great video as always guys! I hope you have a great New year!

Mixwell1983 says:

After essentially switching 90% of my hot and cold water valves over time one tool that is a game changer is a 1/2" ferule/olive puller for your copper compression fit shut off valves.

A pair of valve seat wrenches have also come in handy for me at times as well… Both are affordable and when you nees the right tool for the job you'll be glad you had em. I already own all of the 8 tools mentioned minus the 3ft auger but i do have a couple 25ft drum snakes.

Mr. What says:

Dear Grumpy. I own those tools and with those particular tools, you don't have to do the "Thousand Tool March" back to the truck. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year ! Cheers !

Mike V. says:

Absolutely! I happen to have more tools than some plumbers, but you can never have too many tools Right? 😁

Ray Velasco says:

Most Excellent Jim ¿

jim broom says:

As a victim of modern plumbing technology, I would throw in a work lamp, bucket, and a good pair of water-proof gloves. Since Jim will sometimes defer to your local priest for the more tedious problems, you might consider a small supply of holy water and a rosary. If only Jim took confessions . . .

MrTBoneMalone says:

I'm with Jim on the Klein tools. They make good stuff!

Eddie Alvarez says:

Gr8 List ! You better stick around a lot longer, we need your Knowledge 👊

John Sutter says:

Did you work on a lot of boilers and furnaces?

jfnuyen says:

Jim, I'm not sure if you have it all right this time so I best double check with the guy that fertilizes my lawn. He does know about lawn grubs too. 😉 Anyway, hi from mid-Michigan where the temperature is currently 30 degrees F. I bet you don't miss that cold.

James Brown says:

im just retired 40 yrs of master plumber im gumpy 2 at 65 now its sm cash jobs nice 2 seee us old farts be done

stephen zies says:

Thanks. I Have All The Tools You Showed Plus I Am An Auto Mechanic For 48 Years So I Have Thousands of Tools. I Hope You All Had A Good Holiday.

Britt Blanton says:

Thanks for the great information 👍

Dirty Hairy says:

Great information, thank you! 👊

Art Vance says:

Thanks for the info.

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