8 Essential Welding Tools (All For Under $50)

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In this video I run through some of my favorite sub $50 welding tools and accessories.
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In this video I run through some of my favorite sub $50 welding tools and accessories.

I get a ton of questions from new metal workers wondering how to improve their workflow using inexpensive tools. These 8 + tools will help you work more efficiently buy saving time and energy!

Below are some links to tools I used in this project.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Silver Streak Marker: ($8)

Magnetic V-Pads: ($24)

Inexpensive Corner Jigs: ($29)

Ollie Iron Corner Jigs:

Fireball Tool Squares:

10 Pack Vise Grip Clamps ($51)

1-2-3 Blocks 2-Pack ($18):

Magnetic Torch Holder: ($19)

Grasshopper 3rd Hand ($26)

House of Chop 3rd Hand:

Speed Square and Combo Square Combo Pack: ($10)

Check out the Lincoln Electric Power Mig 140MP, great for the home shop, Mig, TIG, and Stick in 1 machine!
→ http://bit.ly/pm140_mp_ycz

Thank you to Pferd abrasives for supporting my shop and my channel. For links to some of the grinding discs I use most see below:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

→ Flap disc:

→ Inside corner disc (AMAZING):

→ Wire Wheel:

Thanks for watching! Be careful, know the limits of your skills and your tools! Don’t try this stuff at home!

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Below are some links to tools I use in the shop on a daily basis.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

→ Bosch Miter Saw ( My Favorite miter saw)

→ Sawstop Table Saw:

→ Wen Tabletop Metalcutting Bandsaw

→ Articulated Vise:

→ Bosch Portable Bandsaw ( 18V)

→ Porter Cable Restorer:

→ Lincoln 120V Welder ( good for a home shop)

→ The Camera I use:

→ The Tripod I use:


Derek Moore says:

My favorite "marker"… masking tape.
It wouldn't hold up to heat like soapstone or a scribe, but if your cutting "cold", it works great and leaves nothing behind. There's also no way that you won't see your mark. You can also label the part on the tape.

William says:

Crazy how much more expensive all the links are now compared to a year ago.

Fernando Marcano says:

Good stuff! What is the size of the Ollie corners? 5inches, 6 inches? Etc Thanks

Randy Mcgee says:

Thanks for sharing I just ordered a set of pencils

piano music relaxing sleep mohamed khoueldi says:

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Josh-Engy says:

Tax return is comin son

jc jones says:

Awesome video, very helpful. I ordered a couple of different sets from Ollie Iron as well as the stinger holder from Amazon. Thanks again.


Squarey the great approves

Schlexpeditions & Reviews says:

Seeing this at the beginning of 2022, and all the prices have hiked so high 😥

Joe That Says Things says:

What’s up with the random “censored” parts of the screen?

Steven Larsen says:

On my third hand I have them set up for grounding. If you have a part that is grounding through a bearing and it arcs you will ruin your bearing. The third hand lets me put the ground next to the weld. I have several sizes with a brass tips.

ScottyBrunton says:

How come you kept blurring out products that you were trying to show us?

glitch 33 says:

Just use soap stone 🙄

Stephen Harvey says:

When I did this we used a scribe to make steel.
We always called the locking plyers "finger grips"

Mike Vaughn says:

Do you /y'all being those whom promote skill share know why every one skips /fast forward threw the skill share adds because they are so fckng long it's rediculous it's as if someone from skill share wrote it not the video makers it's fckng rediculous !!!!

mike gallo says:

well I'm 7 minutes into the video and I've already put the first 2 items in my Amazon cart…👍

zen pro says:

wtf with the censorship

Stuart Rechter says:

That mechanical pencil you have has a lead sharpener in the end of it, so very easy to keep it sharp. It pulls out like the pencil eraser on some pencils, you sharpen your lead with it and put it back on the end of the pencil.

Shayne Mc says:

My little brother is taking welding classes in jobcorp and I wanted to get him some good tools as a automotive technician I don't know much about welding but I know the value of having the right tools and good made ones. Thank you for making this video!

Incandescent Planet says:

helpful vid thanks, just a little quiet on the audio

Jon Frost says:

Nice selection of tool ideas. What's up with the out-of-focus square from time to time? Seems unnecessary.

Luke Williams says:

Thank you. You've been very helpful. I'm adding to my workshop and when I look for advice your videos show up.

Robin Fielding says:

Don't get the magnets hot.

CommonSenseFactor says:


Robert Lindsey says:

Audio is really low

Brian Bakke says:

soapstone my friends.

ron black says:

for vice grips i now buy mostly the harbor freight Bremen brand not the pittsburgh. they are pretty much as good as real vice grips . the pricing is decent . the c clamps are like 11 bucks . the pittsburgh ones are like 4 -5 bucks but they are weak.the bremen ones are good.

Ernie Henshaw says:

Great Stuff!!

Dean Kay says:

Bought my first pair of Auto-Adjust vise grip type of pliers in 1984. I got 4 pairs for $6.40 each. I put my tool owners manuals with receipt & copy of warranty in file and saw the receipt. Same year I bought my 150 Amp MiG. Back then a 125 Cu. Ft. tank of 25/75 shield gas set me back $18 plus $1.50 delivery fee. I keep the extra tips & wire rollers in zip bag next to 6 SnapOn distributor wrenches. They look cool next to the chrome Tach/Dwell meter. Does that make you experienced or old? I think both. Cool tools! Better than the 1968 set of “Globe Master” tool kit I used. I still have one Phillips, I put a 3/4” heater hose over the handle and ground the chrome cadnium tip into a nice hole punch. It won’t break?
I enjoyed the video. ASE Master Tech since 1978 (NIASE until they shortened it)

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