8 Tools Under $20 YOU Said to Buy

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8 woodworking tools all under $20! Pick up these cool tools to help you with your DIY & woodworking projects.
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Stud Buddy – https://amzn.to/3QOlIUU
Olfa Utility Knife – https://amzn.to/3xthzPt
Snap Off Utility Knife – https://amzn.to/3ziQ3DW
Tongue Depressors – https://amzn.to/3eGpiQr
Coffee Stirrers – https://amzn.to/3qHP111
Drinking Straws – https://amzn.to/3BnUMFR
Kreg Multi-Mark – https://bit.ly/3S6jlOl
Wood River Silicone Glue Trays – https://bit.ly/3BHOSRy
Wood River Glue Spreaders – https://bit.ly/3xou9iT
Tire Depth Gauge – https://amzn.to/3djWpg2
1-2-3 Blocks – https://amzn.to/3RRL85y
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Christian Helms says:

Brad, you'd be proud of me. Finally bit the bullet and bought a sawstop. Just the 3hp cabinet saw, but i love it

hojo70 says:

Please avoid single-use plastic straws due to environmental impact, use paper straws instead!

Kevin Stephens says:

The mechanical pencil at the beginning of this video. I thought it was awesome……… until I dropped it with the tip extended, it bent the tip that the lead is in and the pencil is fubar…….

James Saunders says:

Here's an interesting fact. The idea of finding yourself with a stud finder was first recorded on a cuneiform tablet from ancient Mesopotamia.

Paulo Cazares Belman says:

as a Mountain Dew drinker I think you should go and give Mountain Dew Voltage a shot, is a blue can (don't confuse them with frost bite flavor) and they are better than the green Mountain Dew IMO
who agrees or disagrees with me? I'm open to any flavour suggestion

Woodworks by Grampies says:

Hola! 🖐Another good video packed with info AND humor. Thanks for honest opinions and not just giving a thumbs up to any and all tools but more so for reading through all comments to incorporate into your video. I appreciate the focus on the "smalls", there are lots of videos on the power tools but these small tools can make a world of difference in the shop. Looking forward to your next one. Take care and have a good one, Adios! 👊

Thomas Helesic says:

So my go to corner glue scraper has the be the empire 6 in. pocket ruler. It is by fair the best thing for cleaning glue up in the corners or anything. You can even us it for putty and all kinds of other things bc its so perfect to have and its $3.00. I always buy several just to have on hand.

Andrew Gardner says:

0.5mm lead is too small for wood working, if they made that pencil in 1mm lead that would be awesome. I bought a pack of "kids" 1.3mm lead pencils, they are triangular shaft to help little hands grip them when learning to write and this helps them not roll away when you put them down. "Paper Mate Handwriting Triangular Mechanical Pencil Set" 5 pencils are $3 on Amazon (at the time of me writing this comment)

Zachary Keith says:

I use the 1-2-3 blocks almost every time I'm in my shop. They're great for through crosscuts, where you want to use the fence to set up your measurement, but you can't keep the fence in place. You can use these as a block between the fence and your workpiece and you can easily add the 1, 2, or 3" to your measurement on the fence measurement. They're great for making sure the blade is square, for setting up a square saw cut with a pull saw (use a card between the block and the saw), or for making sure that the fence is set properly. They're also great for quickly helping make sure that a drill bit is going in straight. Keep them handy and see if you reach for them in the future.

fritzginger15 says:

I don’t turn the whole wheel off to change to blade for any of my olfa knives. And I have a few different models. Just loosen enough to slide in out the bottom then drop a new blade on and slide back in.
I also find that I can tighten and loosen my blade enough to retract/push out and lock the blade from moving with one hand and only one to two turns. I like love my olfa knives and have different sizes for different jobs like cutting insulation (big) and marking project in the shop(small)

Kevin Wright says:

That's not Mountain Dew.

Jimmy Dunn says:

As an engineer myself, I agree, you can never have enough cool mechanical pencils! The graphgear 1000 that you showed does come in .7 and .9 leads as well. I ended up getting the graphgear 500 with .9 lead because it was just as cool, about half the price, and came in a much nicer silver than the yellow of the .9 1000. The 500 did not, however, have the special safety retractable tip 🙁

Jeff H says:

The 1-2-3 block also comes in other sizes and metric.

Ol Greg says:

Boffa is exactly 20$ and they come in a 2 pack

Mark Kuneman says:

I'm just waiting for the day that someone at Mountain Dew wises up and sends all the merch and soda you could ever want.

yols5d says:

I was searching for the block's names for ages. Thanks to the community!!! ✨✨

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