$99 WELDER – Review of Cheapest Welding Machine on Amazon

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Abe and Mike scoured the internet for the cheapest welding machine they could find. Is it any good? What cheap welding machines do you know about that are worth picking up?


fyah cloudz muzik says:

my own nice

Jerry Bingham 210 says:

Great weldsguys

12vLife says:

The newer model has two nobs (arc and amps). Also see people connectioning ground clamp to positive on the left in other videos. Abolutely no guide with this unit for noob.

12vLife says:

think my 2000 watt inverter in my van that can usually handle 12amp applicances with no problem can weld at 70amp 3/32 rods to weld .375 rebar?

Biber Bok says:

I'm not a beginner. But I'm old, and old schooled. Decided to check out new technology for stick welding. The lasted and greatest… there is none!!!. You got to stick with what works.. it's all about converting AC to DC. A pure DC OUTPUT. It still takes a hefty transformers, hefty dioded and capacitors, period… converting 115-120 AC to a pure DC OUTPUT capable of WELDING cannot be achieved with a machine you can hold up with one hand..thats beyond 10 / 20 percent duty cycles.it's not so much the diameter (3/32- 1/8) of electroid that determines the amps. It's the melting point of the Flux i.e coating. 7018 Flux much higher melting point then 6010 and both have the same electrode( filler metal).. and yes they do… but to use these cheap false advertised Chinese machines would take a seasoned welder to weld anything. FOR BEGINNERS. no way.. a knowledgeable welder would and should know better in the first place. Just because you weld just like so many that's hired as welders , don't make you a welder, unless you understand the arc.. the arc of welding… the history of creating a plasma (ARC) Between base metal and electrode. Straight or reverse polarity, Stick or mig.. the more knowledge one has, the better the welder one is…

Chris konsul says:

U must preheat any steel before welding it due to the low voltage

DryRoastedNutz says:

Measure the actual Amps. You will find that is is much lower than the setting shows.

Derrick Bernaden says:

7018 is a DC rod fellas. #basics

TheIron Smith says:

weld 1 inch plate after heating it slightly red

Nick Kinney says:

Keep the ground as close as u can and weld towards your clamp and not away from


I know the extension cord is affecting that welder, Never use it like that, you are only getting 90 volts at the plug.

LISA LN says:

Hi guys, I want to make some metal window planter boxes. I bought some iron and its sorta square tube and super heavy. I want to cut it into 3 pieces and then weld side caps and a bottom plate. I've never welded before. Do you think this equipment would work?

alan hare says:

I give you guys credit for keeping a straight face man . I just howled all the way through it lololol

edward edward says:

They tried different things to get it to work right by thinking outside the box. But the first thing they noticed was that the it sounded like the polarity was reversed. They never checked this though. I have done this before with other things myself. I've assumed something was not going to work, and did not inspect it closely enough, and then bought a replacement only to find that the original was ok.

edward edward says:

another video with this same madel machine the guy found that the machine was wired in reverse polarity.

Herbert Herbo Moore says:

Will it 🏃 on a 2000 watt generator?

John Pokorski says:

No offense, I don't think you gave that machine a fair test. I believe you're used to using higher quality machines. I have a Amazon inverter welder. It will weld 3/8 plate with 6013 3/32 rod. I've done it at home and the shop. Although I prefer to use the shops Lincoln buzz box. My unit was$ 80 and will run off of either 110 or 220. Granted, I wouldn't use your unit even in my garage. I also wouldn't use either your unit or mine on anything that is for structural support.

coldmember says:

Thanks guys

Rex Luna says:

The machine is not "true rated" so you'll have to play with the amp setting.

Jay M says:

Welding was mumbo jumbo to me – but these guys set me straight. Thanks! Great video. I may get this machine for small stuff I want to weld. I'll leave the big stuff to these pros.

coastalplayer says:

Going Dine in H tine !!

Jeremy Tate says:

OMG That welding mask! So amazing

letsrockza says:

i know for a fact, chinese imported machines over-read on the digital display?

Henry Franz says:

He reads ok from his advertisement sheet for the rod,lol did they set correct amp for the rods sent and see how they worked at correct amps,NO THEY DIDNT,WAS A ADD FOR THE OTHER ROD AND SET FOR IT,LOL

Henry Franz says:


jtreg says:

thanks guys. Honest and real deal.

Ruben Borges says:

can anyone tell me how much heat energy this welder would discharge?

Carter Tomlin says:

It just plugs into a regular outlet?

Greg Hartzell says:

I have the 120amp version and I have no problem running 3/32 7018, 6013 and 6011. Ive run 1/8" 6011 and while a tad cold, it burned the rod smoothly and layed down a decent bead. Im pretty sure your polarity was reversed btw. I purchased my machine through home Depot if that means anything.

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