This is an Arcdroid CNC Plasma Cutting Machine unboxing. Fully automated, out of the box ready to cut! This Arcdroid comes with the CNC machine, Screen, Stylus, and calibration rack. This is the most unique [More]
TOP 5 POWER TOOL BRANDS IN THE WORLD! (best of the best) In this video we give the #verycoolgang our top 5 list of the best power tool brands in the world today using only [More]
SDSK is a professional CNC equipments manufacturer over 10 years located in Shenzhen of China. we main produce CNC milling, engraving,carving,drilling,machining center machines, especial in customized CNC machines area with full experience. our products widely [More]
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Here are The Links to Buy 6 ► Makeblock xTool D1 Laser Engraver ●Amazon US: ●Amazon CA: 5 ► ORTUR 24V Laser Engraver 2 Pro-S2-LF, Laser Machine ●Amazon US: ●Amazon CA: [More]
[gpt_qa_shortcodes title=”Q&A Widget”] This restoration is on a 1920s Model B12 “Safety Saw” pneumatic circular saw made by the Ingersoll-Rand Co.. The “Safety Saw” name was in reference to the patented design of the retractable [More]
Available at Sheet Metal Machines: BRAVO 50″ Hydraulic Round Elbow Machine. For more information: Call 386-304-3720, Visit
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TOP 10 BEST ELECTRICIAN TOOLS YOU NEED TO SEE 2022 BEST ELECTRICAL TOOLS LINKS:1.Klein Tools 807-18 Electrician’s Straight-Claw Hammer: 2.Cimco FLEXI-CRIMP PRO: 3.Milwaukee® Low Voltage VDV Hand Tools: 4.RIGID RE 6 Electrical Tool,: 5.Coax-Stripper [More]
Through this video, we are trying to give as much information as possible about the ARCSign CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine-like features of this Machine. what kind of materials you can cut in this [More]
Unboxing, assembling and testing my new welding machine. WTL MULTIMIG 200EX MIG/MMA 0:00 Unboxing 1:47 Assembly 4:06 MIG welding test 10:03 MMA welding test Subscribe for more!
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UPDATE: Since we filmed this video (which was not sponsored), Bantam Tools has decided that, while they will still have a pro-level subscription option, they will open up full feeds and speeds override to non-subscribers. [More]
Refrigeration Cycle 101 covers the basics of air conditioning and refrigeration circuit and illustrates it in simple terms. Hosted by Bryan Orr. Read all the tech tips, take the quizzes and find our handy calculators [More]
I’ll show you some life hacks with a drill. For example, if you put a propeller from a fan on a drill, and then a plastic bottle, you will get something like a handheld vacuum [More]
During this webinar a basic overview of HVAC – Heating Ventilation & Air-conditioning is explained to understand the concept. Facebook: Instagram Twitter: Linkedin: Part 1 – Topics Covered in BASICS OF [More]
Experienced plumbers like me usually have multiple tool bags. Tool bags for soldering, tool bags for repipes, and tool bags for going into a customer’s house. Today I’ll talk about some of the different tool [More]
In support of hitting 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, I wanted to give back to a cause. In this episode, I go shopping for a set of tools to donate. THIS IS PART ONE, BE SURE [More]
Wranglerstar tests the cheapest plasma cutting torch on Amazon. Here is a link to the HERO CUT Plasma Torch – (amazon affiliate link) Become A Wranglerstar Member For Exclusive Content and Perks SUBSCRIBE: [More] Our Amazon Storefront: Metal shaping tools for beginners is a video for those who constantly question what tools should I start out with. In this episode Wray goes over all the different tools [More]
For more information, call +91 8826529614, 8800882983. In this video we have shown an air plasma cutting machine, no gas is required to operate this machine. In this pandemic situation where there is a shortage [More]
The Hynade CUT60DN is a free hand plasma cutter but with the added features of plug and play CNC connections. Not all plasma cutters are created equally, most cutters produce high frequency interference that can [More]
The 3018 is one of the most popular desktop CNC mills. We check out its upgraded brother the Genmitsu 3020 Pro Max to see if it’s worth the extra $$. **Note: I keep calling it [More]
Thank you, Eco Plumbers, for collaborating on this video! Eco Plumbers are the best plumbing company in the CENTRAL + DAYTON, OHIO, areas! Check them out below: ECO PLUMBERS: 4691 Northwest Pkwy, Hilliard, OH 43026 [More]
In this video you will learn the important parameters of sheet metal that we need to understood before going to start working on sheet metal. we can some design guidelines for sheet metal product design, [More]
The most massive machines that mankind has ever conceived! I hope you all enjoy today’s post – be sure to let us know what you think in the comments! Several segments are licensed under creative [More]
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Researchers at the University of Dayton are working on a refrigerator that can cool without electricity. The project was started by students in UD’s ETHOS program. The solar-thermal adsorptive refrigeration (STAR) system uses inexpensive, non-toxic [More]
In this video, i’ll show you all you need to know about using the Pro Press system, why you would want to use it and so much more. Here’s the Milwaukee compatibility list: —————————————————————————— [More]
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Further information: LT7 Lasertube With the BLM GROUP Lasertube LT7, you can equally easily cut round, square and rectangular tubes, special sections and open profiles weighing up to 23 kg/m and with a diameter [More]
Produced by Fred Bretzke with CyberLink PowerDirector….with help from Sketchup….and various special thanks to those who created the fixtures and fittings. Check it out…and learn the CODE!
Hello, We reviewed best cnc machines. watch The Top 5 best cnc machines reviews. We think all information will helpful for you. don’t forget to subscribe our channel. Follow below for more details. 1. Axiom [More]
wood carving, wood carving skills and techniques, wood carving new ideas, wood carving for beginners, new model wood carving design, wood art, wood carving with cnc router bits, how to use router machine bits, how [More]
Got a call for a unit tripping on head head. Customer resets unit but it trips again. Let’s take a look. If you would like to buy me a cup of coffee #hvac #refrigeration [More]
If you’re like me, then the sound of an air conditioner puts you right to sleep. Now with our virtual AC, you don’t have to wait for a hot summer day to enjoy the soothing [More]
Plasma is the fourth state of matter. We normally think of three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. For a common element, water, these three states are ice, water and steam. This video explains [More]
Mind Warehouse ► 1) Roof Snake 2) 4JET JETLASER 3) Katimex Kati Twist 2.0 4) Tube Straightener 5) Smart Box Shark Tooth–UPw 6) Trend Inflatable Wedge [More]
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