A CNC Mill For Less Than $200 – Is It Worth Buying? (CNC 3018 Pro)

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G’day everyone,

I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these cheap CNC kits for quite some time. It is more of a curiosity, rather than an investment. I want to know what can you get for $200. I have seen these CNC machines on ebay for a long time, but I recently saw a listing on sale for less than $200, so I took the gamble. This is a CNC 3018 Pro from Vevor. In this video I’ll unbox it, assemble it, go through my first impressions and take a few test cuts in various materials. I hope you enjoy the video.

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Unboxing
1:21 – Going Through The Components In The Box
4:28 – Assembling The Mini Mill
6:13 – Overview And First Impressions
7:47 – Spindle, ER 11 Collet And Cutters
10:32 – Rigidity Concerns
11:41 – GRBL Computer Controller
13:00 -Test Engraving In Wood And Aluminium
15:34 – Making Toolpaths In Fusion 360
16:08 – Cutting Profiles In Wood And Acrylic
17:52 – Test Cuts in Aluminium
18:25 – Final Thoughts

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CNC 3018 Pro


Christopher Lawless says:

Maybe you could use the CNC to make metal replacement parts for the bad plastic ones?

osgeld says:

I got one, but my main use is making PCB's, maybe some small acrylic parts .. yea I know I can get pcb's from china but its a lot quicker to make a one off at home and work out all the bugs if I need to buy a batch of them and wait a couple weeks. Edit since I am slinging copper all over the place I 3d printed a box for the electronics, sleeved all the cables, and used a meanwell power supply

Keith Alumbaugh says:

Mill out some aluminum replacement parts for your $200 mill with the $200 mill.

Tom Pham says:

should use 2 flus end mill

Betty Simnitt says:

Worthless………wasted money trying to make it work.

Aheront says:

Great video, I’ve been thinking of getting one of these for PCB milling and plastic engraving, I’ll be very interested seeing how you go with the upgrades. Keep the videos coming, I always get something informative out of them.

Ian Catt says:

That would be good for a watch maker

Scott Ross says:

Very nicely presented! For $200 it's a great deal.

Your mention of the parallel port reminded me of a pcb milling machine I made back in the 90s. I controlled the steppers in real time with binary counting over parallel port. Windows 95/98 allowed this and I milled hundreds of pc boards. I wrote my own Gerber 274X conversion software in VB6. I upgraded to Phidgets USB control in 2005 with some code mods. It's now in my garage shop in use! Kind of cool to see this sort of thing has taken off, and 3d printing.

Lucky Dube in RC says:

its a toy .END!

TacDyne says:

More Chinese garbage. Buy US made. Buy EU made. Do not buy CN made.

Ted Hursh says:

Being a machinist, my next step would be to re box it and send it back for a full refund……..I can't even believe the run out in the spindle……that alone makes me cringe

2Dawgs Mike D says:

Thanks man – Subbed!

Steve Plowman says:

Thanks for the review, wonder if to begin with what would be a better choice so I could eventually cnc aluminium. Cheers

SuperAgentman007 says:

If you got any screws left over I think that’ll be OK right? 🤡

mrgcav says:

What a Joke of a machine. It is only a working model.

Ronald white says:

What it is, is junk. Save your money.

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