A Day In The Life Of An HVAC Technician

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A Day In The Life Of An HVAC Technician with HVAC Roddy. Hey I’m Roderick and I became an HVAC Technician in April of 2020. Watch as I take you on a typical HVAC repair or HVAC maintenance call for a rookie/new HVAC Technician. I started this channel to show and motivate anyone who is eager in getting into the HVAC World . But just an FYI I am a rookie so my experience level and techniques are no where near as good as some of the senior level technicians lol but that’s okay because that’s why I’m here to show we all have to start somewhere. Subscribe to my channel to see my daily life or my service calls or even maybe we can go under someone house inside a crawl space. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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HVACtech says:

You want to move to Boise and do commercial work?
I’d take 10 more techs just like you. Good attitude, articulate and thorough. Keep up the good work, you’re an asset to our trade!! You got yourself another sub too.

Oleg Gladchenko says:

Keep up the hustle.

WithWhat says:

New sub here, I’m in the commercial kitchen equipment repair/install. Not finding I like it, I had 6 months of On the job training and was booted out on my own with no previous experience, thinking of starting fresh and getting into an HVAC apprenticeship, what aspect of HVAC should I get into to get my feet wet? I was thinking installs?? Great vids

Austin says:

Very respectful and knowledgeable HVAC Technician!

RuN KapBandit says:

Give it a few years kid you'll be cussin out customers in no time . Those dirty S.O.B's dont know nothing bout their own house then they wanna leave then the husband wants to chime in and gives ya some goofy story about shutting off at night . Probably cause of his goofy programing skills on HIS Stat . NAhhh Just Playin Gotta Give the Customers Respect ! Great Job Roddy keep it up ! You're fixing to make some MONEY with that good attitude just be patient it will come .

Young Robinho says:

You should clean your condenser coils before checking pressure… a fellow HVAC TECHNICIAN

Jayszn says:

Idk if you can say but how much a year do you make as an hvac tech??

Sam Andrew says:

When are you going back to check the UV dye on that leak test from a few days ago?

Reggie Murphy says:

Great job and great patience!! I woulda left that 3rd house when the customer left! I don't want to be blamed for anything! LOL I don't know why people hate to change the blower caps! LOL They want to wait until they go out in the middle of the night! LOL


For being a younger guy Roddy and somewhat newer you’re very professional. You listen to the homeowner, which is really important, and you thoroughly investigate issues even if you can’t determine what the issue is, you at least try to find answers. You definitely have the ingredients for making it far in this trade. 👍

Tangela says:

Great video love 👍🏾

Herofang says:

Always look forward to your videos as I get closer to attending Trade School for HVAC fr

ArKawach-banYah Yasharahla says:

Atleast you ain't break ish… lol keep working bruh appreciate ur content

Jordan dontnegr says:

Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuidec donde quiera que Virginee.Uno encantan tus videos.

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