A Day In The Life Of An HVAC Technician

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A Day In The Life Of An HVAC Technician with HVAC Roddy. Hey I’m Roderick and I became an HVAC Technician in April of 2020. Watch as I take you on a typical HVAC repair or HVAC maintenance call for a rookie/new HVAC Technician. I started this channel to show and motivate anyone who is eager in getting into the HVAC World . But just an FYI I am a rookie so my experience level and techniques are no where near as good as some of the senior level technicians lol but that’s okay because that’s why I’m here to show we all have to start somewhere. Subscribe to my channel to see my daily life or my service calls or even maybe we can go under someone house inside a crawl space. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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One way to keep up the hard work is to remember why you started in the first place. For many people, it is the challenge of the work that keeps them going. For others, it may be the camaraderie of their coworkers or the satisfaction of a job well done. Whatever your reasons, remembering why you do what you do can help you push through when things get tough. Roddy is a prime example of young technicians making a new way for themselves and new technicians who are interested in the field.

Baltazar Salazar says:

Not the electrical tape

tawanda triplet says:

That light switch on the floor was funny. Who would have thought?😂😂

Jorge Espinoza says:

Does the company you work for not offer leak searches or leak repairs?

OneTwoBBQ_Games says:

Hope you make more videos… idk if I should be an auto technician apprentice or an HVAC apprentice

Juan Pina says:

Yo what hvac school you recommend in Georgia?

Justin says:

last month of HVAC school i was EPA universal certified back in march just been trying to find a job wish me luck ☝🏾💯

Michael Green says:

Aren't you required to do a loss calculation on the refrigerant? If it exceeds the loss then aren't you supposed to take the unit out of service until it's fixed?

Gwalla Boy says:

Been watching you for a min now bro I do HVAC in Maryland be safe out there work smart not hard 👍🏾

Andrew says:

That mini split needs a bib kit cleaning at least 🤮 can’t believe some people know how dirty their system is and don’t do anything about it lol yikes. I appreciate watching your videos it’s good to see the younger guys learning and sharing

kazir miller says:

Damn man I do hvac in az and we definitely run calls similar to eachother just hella hot over here 😂

Taleswillbetold says:

You prefer the testo gauges or the field pieces?

Reggie Murphy says:

I hate package units (always hard to close up)! LOL I used to milk those 3 unit stops, 40 minutes each! LOL But I did a thorough check and washed the outside coils. Great job bro and keep up the great work!

Mobdawgz says:

Thanks man u help get insight in a career im interested into

Tangela says:

“Let’s hope I don’t break nothing 🤷🏿”

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