A lesson about some of the basic hand tools used in plumbing – Intro to Plumbing Systems

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In this video, we review common hand tools used when plumbing – This video lesson is a part of our Intro to Plumbing Lesson Series.     Remember to watch the other videos in this series – More about plumber’s power tools, materials, and plumbing processes.

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0:00 pipe cutting tools
5:17 Tools for prepping pipe ends
10:44 PEX Tools
13:19 Propane torch
16:41 Pliers and wrenches
21:52 Measuring tools


Mikey Dreamer Lam says:

Usually I'm not even remotely interested in plumbing but I actually ended up watching the whole thing. You made it very easy and most importantly very enjoyable to watch, thanks heaps Joe 👌 👍.

erik gamboa says:

Thank you! Great info

aduunyo Channel 2 says:

Thank you teacher 😘

Euvaldo Bonfim says:


lilian onditi says:

loving this trade and waiting to joining to start using this tools

Berderk says:

Thanks sir Carswell for the videos we new plumbers appreciate it a lot

Romanus Oduwole says:

Getting so adddicted to Trade Skill U.

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