A very common refrigeration service call

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Got a call for a unit tripping on head head. Customer resets unit but it trips again. Let’s take a look.

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ing isaac raul maldonado says:

Esta que te encontre

Naughtius Maximus says:

2:22 Hella dude. Was that the thermodynamics g–g–ggghost!?

brad mironik says:

Good video Dave. I like the background music used in this video. Thanks for the tips.

stormeagle28 says:

Why you Americans are loving our German Autobahn if you're speeding like that?

Mike Castillo says:

Love the tips my man ! I’ll pass these on to the techs in my life 🤘🏽

Salvatore Sciascia says:

A Milwaukee m12 3/8 ratchet would have helped with those bottom bollts Another great video.

throttle bottle says:

dirty coil/low airflow will generally cause less load/current draw, since it's not doing as much work. unless it's an ECM, which is likely junktronic design. lol

throttle bottle says:

also "customer keeps resetting the high head switch", mafia/mob style warning style snap(break) a few of their fingers while there >>> :))))

throttle bottle says:

oncoming bacon-mobile in traffic @ 0:31 or was that a park ranger LOL
My spider/bat sense are pretty good at detection :))

Win Dennis says:

So the theme song about loving burgers? Sup with that?

KQP Twin says:

How long was that ride

Gabriel spolidoro maia says:

What type of gloves do you use?
Greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷

Bob says:

Just yer service wrench works great on those set screws if accessable

A Touch of A.D.D. says:

Keep hitting that high head reset 🤣

heavydiesel says:

A Mars a day helps you work rest and play….

Joe says:

I just love the condenser unit calls. Got one similar to yours Dave. Unit was working but taking a long time to pull down. My company had sent a tech out for previous call of coil frozen and replaced defrost clock in condenser but did not do a big picture on it (Thanks to Chris for that) and missed the seized up primary condenser fan. I was sent and noticed that when I opened the cover. One of the little 4 inch motors. Got them back up and running. I loved the bubble view while you were working on the unit.

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