AC Avalanche – Auto Air Conditioning 101 Made Easy

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This video represent a “Typical Auto Air Conditioning System – How It Works” as well shows the potential problem of over-charging systems with TXV Valves. Our solution at AC AVALANCHE is to use SMART CLIP Technology for the correct fill!


pikajuice says:

what are the tubes called? the tubes the air actually flows in? and how do you order them

kazinazina Yusuf says:

Thx incredible

Geraldine says:


SlipperySlope says:

Absolutely excellent video.

Toots P says:

that was so simple , slowly , accurate , clearly was made to make everyone understand
WOW factor

Vinod Lamba says:

Had one question in my car ac cooling down after running 50 kilometers. AC Cooling fine in idle and till run up to 40-50 km. Can you suggest the solutions.

R C says:

I agree, one of the best diagrams i have seen, plus the TXV valve problem i had experience is here, thank you Mr Avalanche.

Daniel L says:

Can you use a 7 cfm vaccum pump on auto ac or do you need a 2 cfm?

Sagittarius 88 says:

Every new mechanic who's delving into the world of automotive AC diag and repair should watch this video. Straight to the point and very accurate.


What is the temperature in the condenser?

Metal Halide says:

The TXV has only one function and that is to control superheat, ensuring that only vapor goes back to the compressor, it does not control pressure or temperature. There are two forces trying to close the TXV (evap pressure and the superheat spring) and one force trying to open it (superheat aka power head). Low side pressure will increase or decrease depending on the refrigerant charge, with more liquid pressure the refrigerant is moving faster through the evap and not removing as much heat.

ja Da says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. That explanation was perfect.

Benjamin Hawkhurst says:

Help my a/c system has orifice tube, accumulator canister and expansion valve. So which one is clogged? 1990 Chevy van 30………………..

بو فارس بو نورا says:

VFD of a compressor , can be used with orifice tube or expansion valve ?
Or it doesn't matter ?

Silambam_StickArt says:

Where to charge compressor oil..and what will happen if oil charge through LP service port

MrJawadkhan says:

SO There are 4 Main Components.
One for Increasing pressure. (Compressor)
One for Decreasing Pressure. (Expansion Valve)
One for Increasing Temperature. (Evaporator)
One for Decreasing Temperature. (Condenser)

HVAC Systems Review 2022 says:

great, thank you for this video

Diy Henry Martin says:

so nice video

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