Air Conditioner – 10 hours of relaxing ambient sounds asmr

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I have always enjoyed hearing the ambient roar of an air conditioner while I’m falling asleep, so I decided to record mine and upload it. Enjoy :]


Heart Man says:

Anyone else have your air conditioner on while also listening to a air conditioner sound video

Nicker jones says:

Favorite part is when I go to sleep

Ciara Barnes says:

GOD BLESS. This week and life it’s great with GOD believe it and achieve it✝️ you are worthy and GOD IS GREAT ❤️✝️he loves you 💓 so be a blessing and love with him because love is action and love is possible. He is the Comfort to our able☀️✝️

m o m says:

Imagine sleeping with jungkook while hearing the air conditioner sound 😉

•NOICE• says:

I can feel cold in my body

Modern Midern Town says:

I have one of them.

MASA_sb says:

يجيب راحه .😭😭

stroft2gaming says:

i dont have an ac + this is making me panic xd

Ervin Mitchell says:

Kermit D. Frog is eating good off these royalties from this ad they show before every single video lol 😂

BraveKingSlayer says:

The sound of an ac reminds me of when I used to live in my room. I had an ac in there and I had it all the down to 64. Just laying there in bed relaxing and always dozing off in that cold room

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