Air Conditioner White Noise Sounds for Sleep 10 Hours ASMR

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Relax to the mellow white noise sounds of an air conditioner. A perfect way to unwind after a long hectic work day. Great for those who want to sleep, relax, meditate, or for those who experience ASMR. Over 1o hours long to help you get a peaceful sleep throughout the whole night.


the smickle smockle says:

I have a little tinnitus, so this helps me ignore it! thank you 🙂

P̷r̵i̵m̸a̸r̶y̷ ̶ o̷b̵j̶e̵c̵t̷i̶v̵e̵ ̸ says:

Lol my mum tried all types of music to put my brother to sleep but then I tried this and it works for him instantly
I use it too thx man

wataki2 says:

Thank God

Seriously. .. It's winter time where I am and I need to turn mine off but need the noise to sleep well.

PubgMobile Gamer says:


Make sure the autoplay is off

Mute your device before sleep

Low the the brightness

Make sure your bed is comfortable

STOP reading the comments


Blue Forest says:

not sure what that static sound is

Closed Channel says:

Why does this sound like console ambience noise

Jess Bedolla says:

I found this video a little over 3 years ago. I've listened to it LITERALLY everyday.
and I cant sleep with out it.
The only thing that puts my 16 month old to sleep!

r011ing_thunder says:

It's 82 degrees F in this house
27.7 C
the ideal temp for sleep is 60 to 67 degrees F or
15.56 C to 19.4 c

r011ing_thunder says:

I used to be a fan. Now I'm an air conditioner.

Jay onthejourney says:

Im listening to this because it makes me feel so happy, i used to sleep in my camper in the summer because my parents were mad at me for being part of the LGBT community. I wasn’t safe at home, and the air conditioning reminds me of the camper 🙂


I love this sound it’s the best , makes me knock right out after I finished crying all night about my bf who barley even likes me anymore 🙂

Maxisthenix Boxing says:

Put a timer on your phone in the alarm app and set it to stop playing in an hour or your preference 💯

eilis says:

ASMR: Air Conditioner Turns on

Me: my dumb ass putting blankets over my shoulders acting like it’s really cold

x says:

That’s racism.

senormedia says:

anyone else getting a pause at 8-9 hours and a "are you still watching?" alert? F-ing annoying.

Constantine Vorobyov says:

Guys don't use window ac without external thermostat unless you love 2 degree temp swings

ニアCece says:

I needed this sound to gts even if I was freezing lol thx for this its perfect

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