Air Conditioners: Coolest Idea Ever

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All humans want to be comfy, but the first air conditioner wasn’t built for us–it was for a printing press!
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Hosted by: Hank Green
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Enderboy 64 says:

praise our Lord 💓 thank you Jesus Christ for being our savior

outcastbeta says:

There would be very few people living here in Houston Texas

Robert Berryman says:

I’m confused now. You used the phrase ‘heat pump’ as a more efficient means of air conditioning, but my understanding is that a heat pump is merely an air conditioner running in reverse, throwing the heat indoors and the cold outdoors. I bought one a few years ago, an AC/heating unit that runs – when used in heater mode – as a heat pump when outdoor temps are 35° or above. Below that, a convection heater kicks in. Saves a lot on utility bills.

HotelPapa100 says:

I see what you did there…

Russell Solomon says:

Can you guys at Sci Show do a video about how some people think Air Conditioners make you sick? I think it’s a myth but I’ve met many people that think AC will make you sick.

Russell Solomon says:

Can you guys at Sci Show do a video about how some people think Air Conditioners make you sick? I think it’s a myth but I’ve met many people that think AC will make you sick.

K2 says:

The gas isn't compressed into a liquid. The compressor compresses and heats the gas and this gas is passed to the condenser. In the condenser, the gas is cooled enough that the gas turns back into a liquid.

Jasondurgen says:

I thought liquid nitrogen was

65 killerboy says:

cool indeed

Nyrra Reyes says:

I'm busy right now my brain is not sleepy 😴

Fayiz vm says:

Missing Thought Bubble so Badly

Harsh Parikh says:

Finally, I understood.

Konark Kayal says:

How does humidity varies in environment frequently?

sueV333 says:

All i can say is thank the Lord for air conditioning 🙏🙏 🙏🙏 🙏🙏 🙏

the toad says:

Here in the midwest it's fine, the summers are
85F springs are 74F Winters are 25F falls are 50F

WhiteEyedShadow says:

the biggest reason i clicked is because of the pun

Tasos Savvides says:

So how does Magnetic Refrigeration work?

Zds Let's Plays! says:

Air conditioning is basically the only reason people can stand to live in Las Vegas where I'm at. Without it, the casinos would be so hot and muggy that they'd be basically be intolerable

GaunletofDestruction says:

Everybody just chill. I was fan but have since cooled down. Let me break the ice. Now don't anybody get too heated. XD

KØNAMI says:
So does this use a magnet field its a pumpless pc cooling unit that heats an element causing the coolant to heat. Then cool. What coolant do you reckon he used ?

Squeaky says:

One time in a hotel I made a blanket fort in between the beds and used the hair dryer on cool mode and the ice bucket to make AC because it would get really hot and to this day I am so proud of that moment

Vladimir Villiani says:

You could explain this to me all day and I still can’t wrap my head around it

Gabriel85885 says:

Worst explanation, ever.

Volvith says:

I live in the Netherlands.
We sleep in saunas to stay cool.
… Pls send halp asap. 😐

Robin Chesterfield says:

Air conditioners that use water instead of weird chemicals? We already have those. It's called a SWAMP COOLER! 🙂 Yes, really–don't know why the weird name. What it does, is pump some water up into these pads and saturate them, then blow air through the wet material and tada! the air is cooler. Only works well in dry climates, though.

mirage in the desert says:

Know I know why there not called air coolers

They condition air

Chip Kosboth says: Flanders and Swann explain thermodynamics quite well.

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