Air Conditioning | Baku Season 0

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Baku’s air conditioning is broke, so he calls up the a/c repair. Bank Bill is on vacation from the bread store after hitting a couple of licks and coming up off the bread bank. Baku’s house is crispy, he got extra heat, probably just gonna catch on fire tbh.

Baku Season 0, just satire


Aminal Planet says:

So Help Me God

Gokan the Husky says:

"Y'all need to reduce the therminicity in the air"

Jaiden DePrez says:

Damn, dey got ma boi fucked up

dubsubs says:

this mid compared to season 3 ngl tf u do remaster it or sum shit

RAZ3 says:

Baku: in his death bed
door slam
Bank Bill: wheres that goddamn M O N E Y

TooToneTony _ says:

Oh gawd this shit funny

태선우TaeSunWoo says:

Hank Hill is now a Supreme Court judge. He’s moving on up and getting more bread

Joshua Lawrence says:

Heat: The Sequel

skeenyhead says:

2022 and this shit still hilarious

Cameron Stevenson says:

This shi got me dying 😭💀

Lord Future says:

What kinda heat y’all got 😂😂😂. Man bank bill my favorite character

Caelan Holder says:

As an HVAC tech I can confirm this is very accurate

Vastblack says:

I took a vacaaaation

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