Air conditioning with wind, sun and water: Ben Bronsema at TEDxDelft

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Whoever said that “it’s not easy being green”, must have known what he or she was talking about. Of course, science has made some remarkable progress over the last decade when it comes to clean energy, but how many of those developed clean energy models have actually been integrated within the architecture of our homes and offices? (Power sockets excluded.).

We can hear you think, that stationing a big eco-friendly power plant on your rooftop would perhaps be a little too much, but somewhere in the nearby future you could consider to let nature take over the office building you work in!

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William Østergaard says:

I am watching this video while it is 8 years old. Why are we not seeing these buildings anywhere? It makes much better sense!

Caroline D says:

The Egyptians created wind catchers still used in Iran today and hundreds of years old

Iamwhatiam says:

You had a very rare type of wife. Very Sorry for your loss

Razmi Ihsan says:

I don't think this could be applied in hot humid climate.

Harshal Bakrecha says:

Check out wind catchers of yazd

Harshal Bakrecha says:

This system doesn't work at night

Shrishailappa Jogur says:

Wet the Rcc roof top by water in summer and rainy season it cools your house and increases life of RCC ROOF it causes precipitation thunder storm eventually causes rain.

MS says:

need this for my room. should downscale it.

Catarina Pereira says:

14:11 outdoor air quality is, unfortunately, not good in most places in the world

Hasan Namir says:

The first idea 💡 was okay the second was not so

Naomi Njeri says:

Africans have been building like this for thousands of years.

Marco Nunes says:

Congrats to all Ben's team and for innovate without age borders!

Shefayet Chowdhury says:

Brilliant 👍🏼If you are interested in this, then you should also look for and is available. The Wind-catchers of Medieval Cairo and its Secrets.

Lashas83 says:

Funny.. This technique was actually practically and is still being used in middle east since ancient times. You can google for wind catchers.

Alexander says:

Good energy

fijianz1 says:

Or you could go to Iran who have used wind catcher conditions since ancient times and still used today. They even used it to make ice in the middle of deserts🧊

CUBETechie says:

This man should talk with Erwin Thoma i think they could create something beautiful together.

Yhumi Camasis says:

the engineer are responsible ow common tell it to Walter Gropius and legendary Architects.

Fábio Lopes da Silva says:

Delft is Vermeer's birthplace.


Architects too are rational and logical, engineers are taught students, architects are educated ones, ya only if they take their job seriously.

M H Choudhury says:

Thanks for such a great concept. Just what I am looking for. Wonderful for the people who are in remote places with limited resources ! Love it.

Akintoye says:

I’m just thinking about chimney effect in case of fires.

Martha Ray says:

As home owners we recently had a HVac project and I went looking for 'healthy duct work' and a 'healthy HVac system'. I have determined that a 'healthy HVac System' is like 'healthy building materials' both are oxymoron's.

CUBETechie says:

Can this special roof be used also as a part of Wind power plants? Does it help to increase the harvest of energy?

CUBETechie says:

The Austrian movie archive was build from wood and have a stable temperature which is necessary.

Erwin Thoma researched with experts from BMW and look how ants build their nests

Natural Technologist says:

Nothing impossible until ignorance says so.

Craig Jenson says:

nice ideas! low cost natural gas is the competion ….. NO! climate change CO2 models political junk science

Ricardo says:

I'm just gonna say 6:08

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