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Amazon is have an insane Dewalt Tool Deal going on right now

Buy Dewalt Tools Here
Dewalt 5.0 Battery
Dewalt 1.5 Battery
DEWALT 20V MAX Battery, Premium 6.0Ah
DEWALT 20V MAX Battery Starter Kit with 2 Batteries, 5.0Ah
DEWALT Impact Socket Set
DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set, 1/4″ & 3/8″ Drive, SAE, 108-Piece
DEWALT Headlamp
DEWALT 20V MAX* LED Work Light, Hand Held
20V MAX Rotary Hammer
Angle Grinder
XR Oscillating Tool Kit
20V MAX Orbital Sander
DEWALT 20V Max XR Impact Wrench

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Tool Review Zone says:

FYI… The High Torque Impact is a kit and has a 5.0 battery, bag and charger

Hello There says:

Soooo tempting but shipping to Australia would be a killer.

Braden Kendzel says:

The 5ah batteries are fake I ordered one before this video and it came and was fake Amazon refunded me and let me keep the battery though. It came in real packaging and almost looks real but has a lot of differences from one that came from lowes with a tool

Jayce Fedora says:

Hey just so you know you can. If they're still doing it, get two DeWalt 6 amp batteries for 179

ItsMateo says:

Whoever's reading this, i pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

Rick Gomez says:

Buy the 5 ah DeWalt batteries at your own discretion, lots of people saying they are good knocks or defective, not charging not holding a charge as long as a 5ah should etc. Also been told if you buy anything DeWalt off Amazon they won’t honor warranty, anyone else heard this?

Bill Carriveau says:

cuz their junk lol

Demarcus Credit says:

The DeWalt 23 Piece SAE was $23.99 at Costco. They have some of the best DeWalt prices. I got a wet dry vac for 79 same one was 219 at Home Depot

Alexey Gerasimov says:

I don't know why you call those deals. Maybe because I mostly use Bosch, but for the price of the tiny rotary hammer I recently bought SDS-Max one, for the price of 6 Ah I can buy 8Ah, Bosch multitool now sales at around 100+, but with starlock and the goodies. 1,5Ah batteries are trash. They were good… in 2010?

Ky says:

Unless it says Ships from Amazon, and Sold by Amazon. You are gambling. It doesn't matter if it says "view dewalt store" that's not how Amazon works. You can find many 3rd party sellers on the dewalt store on Amazon.

bread says:

0:42 lmao a sander or multitool would eat that in seconds

Kentucky Beardsman says:

They got the 6ah flexvolts for 160 I believe also which ain't bad

Alvin Close says:

Thanks for the headsup, just got me some new bats

Walter M says:

Hey Clint, plan stop posting any video like this. I'm too broke 😂 appreciate it man!

RacKoone says:

Amazon is one of the big reasons I choose Dewalt as my main tool brand. You get 99% of the overall performance of Milwaukee for way less if you keep an eye on the deals.

Aco says:

I don't trust amazon

American Guns says:

Clint, you know you should tell everyone that there is a dcf900 on the horizon (or out now in some areas) that is a game changing HT Impact Wrench. I know you won’t be able to buy a 5ah kit for sub $300 like you found on Amazon, but for a few bucks more, one would own the most powerful cordless 1/2” impact available, with the only price being that it would be a bare tool at the $300 mark. Most looking at this kind of tool likely are already in the yellow system, so a small price to pay for getting a dcf900 over the outgoing 899.
Anyway, I enjoy your videos Clint, i know you want to help your viewers make the most knowledgeable decisions when purchasing power tools and knowing, as im sure you do, about the new DeWalt 900 1/2” Impact Wrench when considering an 899 Impact Wrench, is an imperative piece of information to be aware of. Ya need to let the people know all of the options, especially when there’s really only 2 options in this small department and those 2 options are completely different kinds of values at a relativity close price point.
Keep up the good videos Clint. God Bless!

Russ Wilson says:

Thanks for the tip, Clint!

Jason K says:

I am going broke lol. Thanks I think

JJ says:

You couldn't give me any Dewalt products! I have been burned by their junk products too many times.

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