Antique Vertical Steam Engine – Part 2 [Restoration]

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Check out how Keith Rucker at completely remade the bronze shoes for the crosshead:

This restoration is on a 1920s Orr & Sembower vertical steam engine. It was apparently found in a river in Kansas, USA before being shipped to me. This steam engine is one of the worst condition items to ever come across my workbench. I have not worked on a steam engine before, so this will be a fun learning experience.

In Part 2, I remake all the missing and broken parts as well as slowly reassemble the entire tool.
I decided to make a few sensual upgrades as well.

The missing bronze shoes on the crosshead were complicated enough to remake that I decided to call for help to @Keith Rucker – and @Windy Hill Foundry.

My machining equipment and personal skill were pushed to the maximum for this restoration, but I think it all turned out well enough to function. Making a new piston and piston rings was particularly challenging but was very rewarding.

I really want to run this steam engine on actual steam instead of my air compressor, but I do not have a steam boiler. Maybe I’ll restore one in the future for this use. The steam engine seemed to run just fine on 14CFM @ 90 PSI and lower.

Wrenches and screwdrivers are now for sale at

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Hand Tool Rescue says:

Check out how Keith Rucker completely remade the bronze shoes for the crosshead:

grab druid says:

Так это пневмодвижок чтоли, я подумал водяной насос..

Lampshadehigh For life says:

Really funny love your videos!

jakob findlay says:

Please use some of the supporter money on a nicer lathe for all of our ears sakes, idk about alot of you. It I watch this to pass out

scott haddad says:

Toot Toot! Now what?

Jake Toolson says:

34:45 had me laughing

Kujansu says:

Very Nice !

BraDiddles Mandrake says:

I laughed so hard when Marc showed up with that Dremel lookin tool. It absolutely killed me man. That’s why HTR is my favorite YouTube channel!

pvtglarson1 says:

that skeleton @ 1:22 lol

tandem compound says:

I am ready for my close up Mr. de Mille.

Sawbones says:

You do some great work. Take care of your lathe instead of shitting on it.

David Dawkins says:

Your lathe…it scares the shit out of me

Mia says:

Extrem cool! Bin ganz hin und weg!

Lottie Cooper says:

A true Craftsman, who does this anymore? Oh, I know the wolfster does!!! Most people would shove it in a corner, or throw it out!!! Well done my friend!!!

dem0nchild610 says:

Watching you refit those rings is enough to make your butt pucker

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