Are Mini Split Air Conditioners Worth It? – Top 5 Pros & Cons

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Exact Hyper Heat System That I Will Be Installing:
Cooper & Hunter Mini Split Systems:
In Ceiling Cassette Systems:

My Favorite Tool:

Tools Needed for Mini Split Installation:
Yellow Jacket Flaring Tool:
Open Ended Torque Wrench:
VacuMaster Vacuum Pump:
Manifold Gauge Set:

Tools I Recommend:

Should I buy a mini split AC system? Is a mini split ductless unit better than a regular AC system? How long will a ductless mini split air conditioner heat pump last? These are a few of the questions I answer in this video.
I’ll explain 5 reasons why you SHOULD buy and mini split heat pump and also 5 reasons that you SHOULD NOT buy one.

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Benjamin Sahlstrom says:

Here is the exact mini split unit that I'll be installing should you guys want to check it out!

Check out our new tool deals website! We've put a lot of work into it and built it to only show tools with the largest discount for Knipex, Klein, Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Makita:

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Peter B says:

Our minisplits have thermostats at each head which is not ideal because it only senses the air around the blower. Being multi head we did have a central controller that had to be wired, but thermostat is not in that unit. Still it works OK when you learn how to use it–the thermostat readings don't mean the same thing as you'd expect. A big factor is that the units can't heat up a room quickly. It is best to keep the units running at an average temperature rather than let the room cool and heat it up. Then you can raise the heat in the room you are in if you like. We've never had ours maintained since we got it (for years)-so no maintenance issue, though cleaning the filters is more a hassle than just replacing one central filter. I'm not sure on comparing costs of installation. It was expensive, but we had to get rid of the rotting (rat damaged) duct work and it's a relief not having those running and rotting under our house, collecting dirt from the return air (that's why there are duct cleaning services). Fujitsu. We're happy with it, especially the multi-zone feature. Also we have a practically all-electric house, all covered by our solar PV system. In California coastal so the temperatures are moderate.

Jamison Gillespie says:

It doesn't surprise me they're not made in the US. They aren't popular here. They are popular in Asia. As they become more popular here US made versions should appear.

Sean X says:

I love the unit I have during the summer, it worked wonders being the first summer owning it. This will be the first winter with it and as the nights are now cold and some days are cold I so far am disappointed in the heating part of it. The unit I have is the Fujitsu. I would say it's worth have what I paid.

T.B.A.R.R.O. says:

There are, as of late 2022 many makes, models, sizes, and price points available at the big box stores. Between HD and Lowes there are about 15 or 20 makes.

I am about finished researching and will likely buy 2 – 12,000 btu heat pump low ambient units (~90% efficient to -13 F).

I have a 12 x 60 house trailer with add-ons so at least 2 zones will be needed. It's actually going to be the same price to do 2 – 12k units as it would be to do a single 18k 2 zone unit.

This gives me 6k more capacity, plus the added security of a redundant set-up. If one goes down in the winter I can still have some heat with the other until the broken unit is repaired.

Dave Here says:

MRCOOL is USA designed and made in Kentucky

Rick Manning says:

New subscriber and have had Mini Splits since 2006. I just completed an addition on the back of my garage complete with full bath so Im thinking about a simple 9000 Btu unit. I originally had a Sanyo unit but they went out of business bought by Panasonic and stoped supporting Mini Splits and I needed a new Main CPU . Then bought Mitsubishi they were needed to be replaced, and it works well. Never heard of C&H, what drove your choose C&H. Great specs but how long do they last?

Dave Here says:

Can a mini split be done as a DIY project ?

Boz 2011 says:

I have split unit and it is soo good. Its 22 years old

djtechinics97 Dj says:

Everwell is a Miami based Mini-split company

geoffaries says:

I agree that minisplits are more suitable for retrofitting, but can be difficult to install if your house is large and more than 2 room units are required, with new build it becomes more interesting as the ductwork is easily concealed and in a large house probably more cost effective. Routing condense drains can also be challenging for minisplits. Individual room control can be achieved with motorised dampers in ducted systems. We are building a new house in the Algarve in Portugal and we are having an interesting debate on how to cool the house.

Adam Stalilonis says:

Will my unit be overcharged if I have to shorten the lineset?

Richard S says:

Having a 10 room house and having to put a unit in each room, I don't think I would like seeing all the line set running in the back and front of the house.

Hobby Organist says:

If you look you'll findpretty much any electronic related stuff whether the unit is "made" in the USA or not- it all has Chinese parts.

My house never had central air or heat, I added a furnace only and ducts for it myself in 2004, I just replaced the used 1989 Lennox G11E, 80% furnace 2 weeks ago with a Goodman 96% and decided to run better/new ducts this time.I didnt have anywhere nesr enough returns in 2004 for the Lennox, I thought the two 6" round ducts I was able to install was enough, it wasnt, but the Lennox ran for 18 years with not one problem other than I replaced the Johnson control with a new $125 replacement last year. This time around I was able to utilize two former doorways to the bath and bedroom that I covered over when I moved the doorways, and I cut out what was the threshold and was able to install a grill in the wall, adding a 5" outdoor fresh air motorized duct to the return as well as a few other return locations. My biggest problem has been my basement ceiling is only 6' and the joists run in different directions in different parts of the house, I also have commercial grade porcelain tile on all floors but one room, so it's not an easy task to just cut holes thru that, the cement backer, 2 layers of 3/4" CDX and the old wood floor.

I also cant put ducts in the attic because I have R-100 worth of blown in insulation up there and a tin ceiling, dont want ducts in the attic anyway.
So I wont have central air, but always had an 8,000 BTU window unit that kept the whole house comfortable, considering mini splits now as the only real viable option and to get rid of that danable window unit- they only last about 2 seasons, 3 at best before something goes bad, it blocks off half the window, and can never get a good bug proof seal. I can fit one mini spilt in that room, it will be a challenge to locate a seond one as every inch of wall is covered with various artifacts and collectables, but I will be looking hard at what I can do, two units would be perfect and I want the install it myself kind, not hiring some contractor tyoe to do work I'm capable of doing myself, but I dont have specialized equipment or a way to braze/weld etc

Hobby Organist says:

The desc on Amazon says its not a DIY system, " professional installation required"

Curious if you can tell us your selection on CH as a brand and the specific unit you bought, what pulled you towards that brand and that unit instead of a different one?

AJ Block says:

Would a multi-zone unit also run on one single breaker circuit?

Scott Dunn says:

Where we live, the mini split comes in almost $2k less than a traditional central air system. We were quoted $6500 for a central replacement. Can get a 4 zone mini split for $4k all in. It's hard for me to justify the delta given we also have a child with mold allergies and have been good about having duct work cleaned etc.

Space Captain says:

Can you put a radiator cover over it, to make it look nicer? Or would that effect it's ability to do its job?

Bradley Loniello says:

Blue ridge is USA made

Seth Tenrec says:

76 or 72? Really? Are you working for the energy conservation Council? I prefer about 65 for sleeping.

mistbooster says:

Yeah, split copper and condensate tube + cabling needed only. IF Your lucky 🙂 If not then add condensate pump.
But why would You not use a plastic fitting channel SMH, Ofcourse it will be a fugly install with the cabling and piping exposed.
Also for quite a few years now, most consumer market split systems(least the big brands for example daikin, toshiba, mitsubishi electric gree etc.) have had dual thermostat system, atleast as long as night and setback functions have been a thing.
Telling people not to get a mini split if you can get one for the price of a standard system not sure if You forgot that mini splits in general have better co efficient or simply chose to ignore it(not for some heating, but most of it for your household if You have a self respecting fitter who installs a bottom coil heater element and a proper condensate pan with a heater)
Saying you dont carry something in Your trucks/dont have sourcing channels for, is not a con of the mini splits, it is Your corporation making decisions/not bothering.

J C says:

As far as I know, Mr Cool mini splits are made on Kentucky.

Scott Wagner says:

Check out Mr cool

Slv.2TheRhythm*2020 says:

very interesting, i am contemplating getting one, so i'm paying attention to the cons, but when you say they are more complicated to fix, i would think that it would be simpler as it's so compact? but i'm not an HVAC person so, i live in a house where there is no central air running upstairs so the window unit AC is the only option other than this, as installing duct work through the house would be messy. It would be nice if you could do a window unit vs. this type of system comparison (pros & cons of each).

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