Auction recap from @LyonAuction in Florida 2022 What did I buy @C&C Equipment

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Some auction footage from 2022 Feb Lyon auction. Follow along to see what I bought.

Here is a link to a previous video at this auction

As always this equipment is for sale that I bought in this auction

Thanks for watching

We will have more videos coming from Florida in the weeks to come.

Here is a link to the auction






GenesisPure Deaf says:

$256,312 is my guess

Mathew Herman says:

$278,000.76 Hell of a purchase you got there

William Gleaves says:


William Gleaves says:

Why check anti-freeze after you buy it? ARe you allowed to check it before you buy it?

Patrick Buschman says:


Dan Dannels says:

Love watching them 167.000.00

Dennis Roberts says:

Love The Auction stuff, different to Oz, but similar, love the way you explain the fundamentals, keep it up, Watch most of you tube on the big screen

Dennis Rickey says:

My guess is $262,500. First time viewer. You, Dirt Perfect and Let's Dig 18 are fun to listen too!!

Marshall U.S. says:

Around 282k for everything purchased also enjoyed the videos I go to auctions love it

Bob Weatherford says:

Did you ever say who guessed closest Clinton?

Travis Wendt says:

402,000 after action fees

Troy Meredith says:

188,000 my guess,but I am from Australia.

Troy Meredith says:

Where the new cats 308 with side sweep or fixed boom

Banner Trucking #2 says:

210k. Love the auction vids

Matthew White says:

Crazy amount of stuff…. Hope the JD 333 is better than the 323 we had …sh1t ! Needed the lift out panels to fix it .. can’t get over all the low hour kit .. great choice for a start up guy .. was that Cat excavator cheap or over the top ..?

Kevin Coon says:

Hi there. The D7E is meant to work at full throttle. Wind her up and adjust the ground speed with the speed buttons . Reverse and forward at full throttle as well. They are very good pushers. The tracks are a bit short for the machines weight. The LGP model is an excellent machine. I spent a lot of hours on both working pipelines.

Alec E says:

I'll throw in a wild guess of $291400.

Chael Kwocksun says:

The world has gone crazy I see machine prices are up just the same as here in Australia great video mate 👍

Thomas MacDonald says:

$221,745 for all 5

Wendell Farmer says:

My guess is $321,000

billy says:

280,000$ i’d like to know the cost for having all that hauled as well. great video 👍

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