Basic HVAC Controls – learn hvacr

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Learn the Basics of HVAC controls in this video on HVAC control basics. Covering heating and cooling system from switches, sensors and control strategies.
Danfoss has made it easy to match the right on/off, modulating, or digital actuator with their range of AB-QM PICVs (Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valves). Check out their interactive PDF to find the best actuator for your valve.

🎁 Find your AB-QM PICV actuator here –

👉 👉👉 FREE design software ➡️

Good multimeter:➡️​
Pro multimeter:➡️​
Power monitor plug:➡️​

Pumps explained:➡️
Temperature sensor:➡️
Stepper motor:➡️
AC motors ➡️
DC motors:➡️
Inductors: ➡️
Voltage regulator➡️
Series circuits ➡️
Parallel circuits ➡️

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👉Primary & Secondary system:
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The Engineering Mindset says:

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Balkans Uncensored says:

Hi guys does anyone know a good book that explains how machinery’s and equipment work in a site, like cooling towers, chillers, ahu, pdu, ups etc. I am a mechanical engineer and I want to learn how all machinery’s and equipment work and their components

Qk Ahmadzai says:

Can anyone please answer my question, can we replaced water to any other low boiling liquid in central heating system?

Saman Kader says:

instructive info thanks for the effort. but the circulation pump from the gas boiler it should be placed in the other/suction side.

Robert Acree says:

Always love your content!

Chickenz says:

Hello Paul how about Back Pressure Valve?

Maher Hareez says:

For the questions in the video stated my answers are as following :
A-Residential Apartment.
B-To control the AHU via Programmable Controllers DDC.

M-Cycle Promotion Worldwide says:

There is a kind of air conditioning which does not need almost any controls. There is no compressor and refrigerant in water evaporative air conditioners, no moving parts and high pressure.

סאלם עזאם says:

Why use Gas for heating? When you can use heat pump that so much efficient and better and cheaper and doesn't pollute.

Amie Mallich says:

Air Hnalder

John Adams says:

Fantastic clear explanations. My 8yr old wants to be an engineer, and he's subscribed too! Loves learning about this stuff even though he has little working knowledge or experience of them in the real world 🙂 thanks

Akash Prajapati says:

From which country you belong to?

Szabolcs _ says:

Simens s7 is that you

Chhai KS says:

Can you please give me the fully explain of the PCB of the airconditioner vork

صدقة جارية says:

Paul we need a video about glycol chiller

CCK says:

Good video. Can anyone tell please what is the chilled beam?

C Paul says:

I learned more from this channel then my half ass hvac tech school.

Warren’s Corner says:

While you were explaining the dead band I started thinking about PID loops. I was surprised you didn’t mention it. Many controllers for industrial heating applications have PID built into them. After years of working with these controllers I still find them very confusing. I usually just put them in auto tune and hope for the best. If the temperature will not hold steady it’s a nightmare trying to evaluate which parameter to change and by how much. Once I got them tuned properly I entered the parameters in a spreadsheet for future reference just in case the controller failed. Awesome video!

Michael Chapa says:

As a college professor who teaches HVAC, thank you so much for all your work. Lessons that would take me hours to explain are summed up by you in 9 minutes, with better retention by the students.

Space engineer says:

Problem in HVAC system
Other company employees: need an technician
Engineering company employees:

Rocky Robinson says:

AC/heat pump heating and cooling with inverter variable speed bidirectional pumps save lot of energy and cost.

Hedwig Quan says:

I built one of it in my house, not large as a PLC unit (small as my keyboard) but still can control my temperature in my house!
(Cost around 500USD…)

Nate D. says:

Used to deliver HVAC commercial and residential systems, and parts. Pretty familiar with most parts, never installed any though.

Sreeram Gopal Taninki says:

Can you do a video on Chiller Unit of the like used in Airports, Hotels of such. Thanks.

Young Play Boy says:

May you explain more deeper about how work alternator. Because your alternator video is incomplete.

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