Basic Tools For a Hand Tool Woodworking Shop – Starter Tool Set for the workshop

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What tools should I buy to start Hand Tool Woodworking? Here is your answer! Here is my list of basic hand tools as a starter set for any workshop or wood shop. this is not a how-to but a how you can start woodworking for less than $20

— Tools Listed —
Wet Stones –
Dimond Plates – (I use Extra coarse, Medium-fine, and Extra fine)
Chisels –
Panel saw –
Hand plane –
Square –
Marking Knife –
Marking gauge –
Mortising gauge –
Sash saw –
Card scraper –
File set –
Brace –
Auggers –
Bar clamps –
Block plane –
Coping saw –
Spoke shave –
Plow Plane –

— Videos Mentioned —
Sharpening –
Making a mallet –
Finishing mallet –
Scrub plane –
How to sharpen a hand saw –
Clamps –
Making a card scraper –
Stanley 45 and 55 –
Block Planes –
Make a router plane –
Make a spokeshave –

Tools I Use:

—Book I am Listening to in the video—
The Fellowship of the Ring (8.5 out of 10) –
Audible membership I use –

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Wood By Wright says:

Wet Stones –

Dimond Plates – (I use Extra coarse, Medium-fine, and Extra fine)

Chisels –

Panel saw –

Hand plane –

Square –

Marking Knife –

Marking gauge –

Mortising gauge –

Sash saw –

Card scraper –

File set –

Brace –

Auggers –

Bar clamps –

Block plane –

Coping saw –

Spoke shave –

Plow Plane –

Levi Lam says:

Had a coworker once in the 80s that used my 3/8 chisel as a screwdriver…. I didn't kill him, but he never touched my tools agaim…

Indy Minded says:

Could i use my old rubber mallet? I see many videos about wood mallets but idk which is better or if it matters.

Tim Barry says:

They sell chisels at Aldi?!

Canito OD says:

Great and very useful video. Thanks for sharing

Donald Lewis says:

Great video. Thanks 😊🙏

Ben Morris says:

I like how how quite alot of these hand tools already I have a brace planes,a variety of spoke shaves, calipers, Compasses ect. All of which are in dire need of restoration they about 150 years and belonged to my great grandfather who was a shipwright in barrow and Furness. I also have a Japanese pull saw that my friend gave me. My first project will be a new handle for the brace and probably a shave horse

Jonathan Smith says:

great video

Piotr Swiezynski says:

mix sawdust with epoxy glue and put in the handle it works like a charm for falling of handles

R Ryan says:

Hi James,
Just wondering when it comes to hand saws which would you suggest a rip or cross cut?

Manny Perez says:

where can i find easy projects to start as a beginner?

Mario Salesa says:

You forgot the hammer in your list.

Kenneth Bezanson says:

I would have thought you made those classic clamps

subaru wrx says:

He not cool

Soofi Hasan says:

I am amazed and humbled by someone like you not being a tool snob and providing great solid advice. Thank you for drumming sense into my head who had an hour ago bought yet another stanley sweetheart plane that looked prettier (just canceled the order, am going to be content with my no 4). Thank you and God bless. Regards from Pakistan

Brad Bland says:

You don’t need a hammer at all?

Jasper Flapper says:

Mmm, maybe add a Stanley #7?

Kerry Foster says:

Buy your tools at a car boot or junk sale. Chisels are cheap and easy to restore to extreme sharpness. Saws will need sharpening (NOT the hardpoint type)buy a small file for sharpening also at junk sales. Also junior hacksaw tiny fine blade great for tiny clean cuts.
Great video for beginners!

Jose Zuniga says:

I decided I wanted to find a hand plane first than anything else since it's been one of the harder tools to find, but today I bought an old brace for $10. It's handles are a bit banged up but it works perfectly fine. I can't wait to find a hand plane and the rest of the tools. 🙂

Van Hollingsworth says:

Your approach to woodworking and your approach to telling the time… quite the contrast!

Kyle Anderson says:

A lot of the links no longer work or are unavailable.

Oswaldo Agurto says:

Agree with the part when you say buy them when you need them. A set of screwdrivers is basic as well even to setup your plane. Although if you are going to do woodworking you might already have those.

Istian says:

I wish i have those tools dude

swimrski says:

My dad's advice, which has served me well: "When you are buying a tool for the first time, DON'T buy the expensive tools. Also, stay away from the cheapest tools, but buy something inexpensive. If you wear it out that means it's a tool you use with some frequency so you should replace it with something of much better quality. Otherwise, it's likely just a tool that's sitting on a shelf."

David Wood says:

Great list.
Only thing i disagree on is clamps
Buy clamps whenever you get a chance because you never have enough of the damn things, amd ypu wont realise until youre at a critical juncture of the job youre doing or dont have the cash available

Brandon O'Neill says:

I’m just getting into woodworking, so sorry if this is obvious and I just don’t know. Is a small axe or adze not pretty important? I want to make bowls and I’ve seen them done basically only using these tools. I was considering using them too.

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