Beginner Hand Tool Woodworking Project. Spalted Beech Pencil Case.

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What’s happening guys. In this video I build a spalted beech pencil case. You guys wanted a simple hand tool project, I needed a Pencil case and to use my new tenon saw!

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Collins Complete Woodworking Manual
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Collins Complete Woodworking Manual
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Veritas marking gauge
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Bosch Gcm 12sd
Milwaukee Drill and impact driver

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10pmixup UK says:

This video took me back over 40 years to my school woodworking class. I still use my pencil case.

Amy Holderness says:

Love it. Can't wait to try it out.

David Rodes says:

I wish I could like this video 10 times…. Each like for each time I’ve watched it

Mitch says:

Very cool, need to check out how to make a shooting board. Thanks for this

William Belford says:

This was actually the first thing I made in my woodwork class at school, 54 years ago 😁

Cindy Harrison says:

Love it 😀 thanks

bnash06 says:

Brilliant video John. Want to give this one a go. No real woodworking experience. One question I have is, where is a good place to look for small quantities of different varieties of woods?

Christian Tyler says:

I’ve had no luck with the cheaper hand planes and tuning them but love using hand tools vs electric. Any recommendations for my first real investment in a quality plane?

Jason Minton says:

Great video, really enjoyable style there. Gonna price up one of those Bad Axe tennon saws for myself.
I believe the difference between a rebate and dado is that the dado has two walls, so inside from the end or edge, a rebate has just one wall so forms an L shape at the edge or end.
What model plough plane were you using? Nice.

Guillermo Villalobos says:

Seriously hermano, in every video you repeat the same thing at least 3 times on every step. STOP DOING THIS

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